Let's Talk Trash Bins

Most of us have them and we can’t escape them : plastic garbage and recycling bins that produce a less-than-welcome blot on our house’s landscape. Even if they come in a color which in fact appears in nature, there is simply no getting around it you can’t make them pretty. So what is the best strategy to compensate? Make an attractive display, fence or other concealing feature that removes these eyesores completely from view. Listed below are eight innovative approaches that fix the issue.

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1. Use a traditional door installation. A niche that’s used expressly for all those plastic behemoths gets additional polish out of a lattice door with an honest-to-goodness knob. Decide on a lattice with a tight enough weave it doesn’t defeat the purpose.

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

2. Create a good display. It would be easy to tuck recycling bins or a compost pail behind this compact layout — that looks to be an architectural element of the house. It’s not high enough to mask a typical wheeled trash can, however, a smaller one could match nicely.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

3. Give a frame to climbing blooms . As time passes, these climbers will ascend to a height that can obscure the view of any bins.

Birdseye Design

4. Put in a door. Are barn-style doors not cool? They would be especially good at concealing cans — simply push them aside and wheel the garbage out.

5. Add an industrial edge. These corrugated units set an urban-chic twist on standard metal pails.

Urban Earth Design

6. Channel Asian style. This weapon recalls a Japanese shoji screen. If there were bins, you would never guess — it simply looks like a decorative portion of the hardscape.

CanTrust Contracting Group

7. Use a gate as disguise. The panels that conceal the garbage cans outside of this house seem like a classic fence-and-gate combo, thanks in part to the matching section that flanks the steps.

Mark English Architects, AIA

8. Mass potted plants together. This solution is fast, inexpensive and portable. If you are planting from scratch, then choose foliage that develops rapidly and spreads lushly to produce the most impact with minimum effort.

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