Relish a Garden's Romance

When you find a place that you like, you always wonder: Do I tell everybody about it because it’s a great place, or do I keep it a secret so that it doesn’t become overcrowded? That’s how I really feel about Slovenia — a nation surrounded by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary — and especially the region around Lake Bled. And when I saw these photos of one home and garden outside the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, I decided I’d go ahead and discuss. And although I won’t be moving to Slovenia anytime in the near future, there are a few garden thoughts I might slip for my current yard.

Though the house is new, the white walls and a steeply gabled roof give it a traditional Slovenian farmhouse look. The shade cloth over the dining room provides shelter but isn’t distracting. And in this climate and location, at the shadow of the Julian Alps, afternoon showers help keep the garden lush and green.

Snow blankets the home in winter, but flowers take over in summer months. I really like this stand of coneflowers. Although you wouldn’t think that white flowers against a white wall might work, they do seem to stand outside.

The outbuildings are based on the initial outbuildings when this really was a working farm. Between the buildings, the open space of meadow and flowering plants combines the very best elements of a natural landscape and a conventional garden border. The overall result is of a relaxing outdoor space.

The more contemporary portion of the house is fronted by a somewhat more formal backyard space. The vivid color of the hydrangeas is a bit unexpected from the wooden walls, but they work amazingly well. Gravel makes maintenance.

I really like how the hydrangeas color the seating area. The hydrangeas in my lawn may not be quite as tall, but I have hopes for the future.

I am not certain if I’d ever leave this place. From a distance, the chairs look as if they sit in the middle of the meadow; up close, you notice that they sit on a circular pad of dirt, which provides greater stability underfoot. These pads surround all of the apple trees on the property. The blossoms are magnificent in spring.

Cool, filled with plants and green. It of.

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