Arts and Crafts Inspires a Midcentury Home

From green shag carpeting to clean hardwood and curated art, this Dallas house has undergone some big changes to pay homage to its midcentury roots. Inspired by their own kitchen remodel, Michael Connolly and Gae Whitener transformed their Texas house into a Arts and Crafts–inspired space. The couple describes the upgrade as a “cyclonic event”… Continue reading Arts and Crafts Inspires a Midcentury Home

Oriented Strand Board

Oriented strand board, or OSB, is used in construction for a sheathing or substrate material. Wood flakes, sawdust and a synthetic resin are driven to form an inexpensive and robust plywood substitute. 1 defect to know: It expands when wet. Elad Gonen OSB makes a modern statement when used as wood paneling. The advantages of… Continue reading Oriented Strand Board

Skillion and Roof

A skillion roof includes a single slope, like a shed or slant roof, and there is no lodged at the roofline. The result is walls of varying heights within the construction. Combining a skillion roof with a lean-to roof is a contemporary look, leading to interesting crisscrossing angles and developing a fantastic space for clerestory… Continue reading Skillion and Roof