Oriented Strand Board

Oriented strand board, or OSB, is used in construction for a sheathing or substrate material. Wood flakes, sawdust and a synthetic resin are driven to form an inexpensive and robust plywood substitute. 1 defect to know: It expands when wet.

Elad Gonen

OSB makes a modern statement when used as wood paneling. The advantages of OSB are not solid wood, so they have a tendency toward growth when moist. The advantages delaminate and can swell.

Faiella Design

OSB is typically the underlayer or substrate into a wood flooring or carpet, but if well sealed it makes a unique and affordable flooring material.

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Having a layer of paint, OSB can be completely disguised, looking more like an expensive wall therapy.

Statkus Architecture Pty Ltd

A high gloss finish protects and seals that this OSB just as it would on any wood flooring.

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