Pool Design Flows From Home Lines

Finding your perfect pool shape is all about paying attention to your environment. Remember, the pool is an extension of your present spaces, so that you want it to match the appearance of your property and landscape. Above all else, your personality and house style are the most important facets of the design.

Abramson Teiger Architects

Straight lines. This pool’s clean, simple lines mimic the design of this house without overpowering its own style. Small grassy spaces in a minimalist layout add to the contemporary appearance.

This larger rectangular pool stays balanced with a climb in proportion to the house and yard. The darker pool finish reflects the house, visually linking the two spaces.


Throw a curve. A sizable radius finish with this pool and circular spa echoes the curved roofline of the house.

Vita Nova Mosaic, Inc..

Although this pool features a traditional rectangular shape, the small, free-flowing curves from the patio steps and attached spa reflect the elaborate and detailed tile work.

Hint: If you have your heart set on certain end materials, be certain you are open to adjusting your pool shape. Some substances will not fit in curves or don’t come in certain shapes. Trying to force them to function could dampen your results.

Platinum Poolcare

Move freeform. using a freeform shape for the pool, the designer allowed for the production of new sitting spaces to the side.

Josh Atkinson – Atkinson Aquatech Pools and Spas

This pool sits more than 200 acres. Its freeform shape creates a lagoon appearance that matches a fish pond outside.

New Urban Home Builders

Stone on the exterior of the home played a large role in the pool free-flowing style, which mimics a natural hot spring.

Ewing Aquatech Pools

Celebrate tradition. A tall privacy wall lined by cypress trees creates an old-world feel that fits the house. The shape of the pool follows match, creating a relaxing setting reminiscent of an Italian villa.

Tell usHow have you built your pool to work with your house’s layout? Share details in the Comments!

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