8 Ways to Break Design Rules in 2012

If it comes to decorating our homes, we often choose the safe path by sticking to what we perceive will be the principles of layout. Often these principles are formed by present trends and what we repeatedly see on design sites and in shelter magazines. We may have adopted rules based on the design style of individuals that we know. But rules are supposed to be brokenup, and in doing so that you are able to see your own personal style and do what makes sense for how you live. Do not be afraid to break the rules in the new year.

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Background your kitchen. Background in the kitchen could possibly be considered an outdated trend of the 1950s and 60s, but as they say — all old is new again. A posh wall covering can give your kitchen a distinctive look and add a lot of personality and style.

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Forgo the image frames. There’s definitely a sense of harmony in a collection of wall art that features perfectly matched eyeglasses. However, this sameness can also feel routine, and buying several frames could be costly. But who says every bit of art has to be framed? You will attain a seamless look and create a more intriguing gallery wall by integrating frameless pieces. Secure them on the wall using double-sided tape or 3M Hooks, and you are good to go.

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Do not over-organize. While dwelling business is vital, it may not be essential in every area. Parents know it is almost impossible in a kid’s room, anyhow. If it comes to things such as novels, it’s a whole lot simpler to create coordinated piles rather than having each book perfectly positioned the exact same way.


Mismatch your throw cushions. Sometimes, it’s simply more fun to mix things up, and would not you like to have more fun this year? Then, say goodbye to those matchy-matchy cushions and bring in a bunch of new types in varying colours and sizes.

Do not match your couches. Perfect symmetry is bliss, but don’t allow it to be dull. Every area in your house doesn’t need to be uniform. Why not try two quite different sofas in your living room? There’s just something quite exciting about the unexpected.

Let your bedroom be asymmetrical. Within this room, a set of lamps is on either side of the mattress while one lamp sits on the other side. This odd number isn’t merely intriguing but it’s also practical. The two white lamps are put on a desk, which offers plenty of task lighting. This is a superb illustration of how you are able to treat each side of your mattress otherwise.

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Mix period furniture. It can be intimidating to consider mixing furniture styles since you don’t want an area that feels comfortable. However, it you select a color palette that weaves through all the furniture pieces, it will turn out amazingly well. Here, a Victorian-style settee and traditional wing chair are paired using a clean, modern couch. The common hues of black and beige bring the whole space together.

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Diversify your dining room chairs. Show your creative side by bringing a varied mix of chairs to the table. Do not be worried about fitting style or height. Go for punchy colours, and you’re going to turn your kitchen into a whimsical gathering place everybody will love.

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