Soothing Bedrooms

In regards to the bedroom, many people opt for a neutral colour palette in a bid to achieve a peaceful space. White, beige and gray are often the preferred neutrals, and they work well in rooms made for comfort. But if you love color and the rainbow is calling your name, please understand your bedroom does not have to be all-neutral or nothing. You can still create a serene space by introducing smaller doses of accent colors into your neutral palette. You will still have somewhere to relax, but it will be just a little more interesting and gratifying to your color-loving eye.

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Jagoda Architecture

Offer your white bedroom a festive touch using reddish-orange accents. This shade will also bring positive energy in your space.

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

Chartreuse is a complement to gray. This happy yellow-green color will keep your gray bedroom from falling into the doldrums.

Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design

If you love the calmness of your gray bedroom, then add a second serene hue such as sky blue. Your distance will be in perfect harmony, allowing you to relax in style.

Michelle Hinckley

A green headboard and a red lamp introduce pleasing pops of colour within this darkened bedroom. Employing moss green (instead of pine green) with red will ensure your colours don’t look like you are decorating for the holiday season.

Amy Lau Design

Here, a bedroom with a crisp, white wall covering gets a welcome dose of colour with gentle acid-yellow accents that are repeated throughout the area. Do not overlook carpeting for a way of bringing colour into your neutral area.

Chr DAUER Architects

A multi-colored quilt is a superb accessory for a mattress that’s full of white linens. Here, a suzani provides a pleasure dose of colour and pattern into the area, while including a cultural feel.

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

This beige bedroom isn’t anything but boring as a result of this vibrant pink and turquoise accents. Layering different textures and fabrics adds interest and comfort.

Nichole Loiacono Layout

While much less eye-catching, softer accent colours can also work well in a neutral bedroom. Here, a pale pink toss ties in with the artwork to create a room that’s understated yet totally glam.

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