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A library is a stately addition to any home, but few individuals have a collection of books which could fill floor-to-ceiling shelves. Consider rather library ride-on background to cultivate the look of a well-read intellectual without revealing off a million tomes.

Many background manufacturers offer layouts that give a tromp l’oeil effect of shelves full of books. From hyperrealistic to highly stylized, these faux library prints add a winking intellectual atmosphere to any room from the bathroom to the bedroom — or even a library. Listed below are just five rooms and five papers to inspire one to look at a bookish print to your own home.

Brunschwig & Fils

Bibliotheque Wallpaper

This charming pattern was designed for Brunschwig & Fils by Richard Lowell Neas, who was an interior designer and decorative painter. It is not surprising that this eye-tricking paper is Neas’ layout, as he was well known for his trompe l’oeil murals.

Angela Gutekunst Interiors, Inc..

Talk about toilet reading. Angela Gutekunst Interiors gave this powder room a whimsical appearance with this Bibliotheque wallpaper.

Reaume Construction & Design

Reaume Construction & Design has created a stately, library-like bathroom with the identical wallpaper. A bureaulike sink vanity and balloon-style drapes increase the feeling that this is room. For similarly royal amenities, Kohl’s Memoirs collection provides traditional-looking bathrooms.


In this bedroom with Ed O’Donnell, the wall behind the headboard becomes an accent wall if papered in a faux bookshelf design. The oversize knit of this blanket adds to the slightly surreal feeling in this room.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti split the walls of this dining area with tongue-and-groove wainscoting on the lower half and a realistic bookshelf background on the top half. Adding the wainscoting colour to the colour of this paper’s shelves adds to the eye-tricking effect.

Splendid Willow

Just because you pick a bookish wallcovering doesn’t mean that you can not display art as well. Blogger Monika of Splendid Willow hung a framed picture on top of this paper from Andrew Martin’s showroom in New York.

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin Library Wallpaper – GBP 119.90

This background is the multicolored variant of the white and black one in the previous photo. Andrew Martin’s Library pattern is just one of eight in his whimsical Inventor collection, which also has a pattern which makes your walls appear to be papered in handwritten love letters.


Stacked Paperback Wallpaper – $198

A twist on the usual faux library layouts, this layout by Tracey Kendall is made to look like a towering stack of paperbacks. The London-based wallpaper designer has several different piled book patterns inside her Stacking collection.

Vertigo Home

Fornasetti Ex Libris Wallpaper – $250

Cole & Sons produces this Ex Libris background, which can be based on a 1953 Fornasetti screen design. It is available in 3 colorways: yellow/brown (shown), silver and gold.

Deborah Bowness

Deborah Bowness – Books wallpaper

Designer Deborah Bowness encourages her clients to enhance the effect of her white and black layout’s illusion by adding real objects, like shelves, frames or pictures, in addition to the background.

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