The way to Fix a Drawer Track & Slides

Mechanical drawer slides are a set of rollers and metal guides, and when they’re clean and lubricated (and not bent or otherwise damaged), they can slide even a heavy drawer in and out of a cabinet easily. Obviously, if the components become damaged or are not sometimes cleaned or lubricated, then the drawer may catch or become trapped, which may result in additional damage to the track and slides. If the parts are damaged, you can repair them.

Remove any items in the drawer, then open the drawer out to the close of the drawer slides, and lift the drawer from the monitor within the cupboard.

Tighten all the mounting screws on the monitors about the the drawer and the cupboard using a screwdriver. If at least one of the mounting screws is loose since the hole in the timber is stripped, repair the hole hole by eliminating the remaining screws and pulling the drawer slide out of the way. Then squirt a small quantity of wood glue into the stripped hole. Break off the heads of three or four wooden matchsticks and tap the matchsticks into the stripped hole using a hammer. Cut off any excess matchsticks sticking from the hole using a utility knife, then re-install the drawer monitor. The screw hole that has been damaged should now securely hold the screwthread.

Spray a little bit of household cleaner onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe all the drawer slides and tracks. Inspect the monitors for any places where they’re bent out of shape, and bend them back into place with a set of pliers.

Inspect each of the rollers for any damage that will prevent the drawer from operating smoothly. In case any damage is found to any roller, then you probably will need to replace the whole assembly. If the rollers are in good condition, spray each roller’s axle with little quantity of spray lubricant.

Reconnect the drawer slides to the monitors at the closet, and also test the operation of the drawer. If the slides are working correctly, replace the contents of the drawer.

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