The best way to Dry Silica Gel in a Microwave

Having a supply of silica-gel on hand aids their preferred blooms are preserved by flower lovers in seconds or air-dry methods. Simple to use and nontoxic, silica-gel absorbs one third of its weight in water. After utilizing the gel, you need to microwave- the gel to eliminate any fluid the gel gathered. Store the dried silica gel in a airtight container to keep it clean and ready for use. Should you not have a microwave, it is possible to also re-generate silica-gel in a oven.

Pour 1/2 pound of silica gel in a thick casserole. Across using a spoon spread the gel.

Select the temperature range on the microwave. Heat the gel for 3 minutes minutes.

Stir the gel together with the spoon. Heat the gel for another 3 minutes minutes. Allow the gel to cool for 10 minutes, then pour it right into a plastic or rubber container having a lid. Dry the next batch of gel utilizing the same technique.

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