The best way to Fertilize a Cedar Hedge

A cedar hedge is a kind of evergreen plant, which contains four species — the Deodar Cedar, the Cyprus, the Atlas as well as the cedar of Lebanon. A cedar hedge makes lawn border or a beautiful garden, that may help keep pests from your yard and house since wood and cedar oil are commonly used as insect repellent. Cedar wood is resistant to decay. By fertilizing it at certain times throughout the year only maintain the health of your cedar hedge, as excessive fertilizing can result in death or injury of your hedge.

Fertilize your cedar hedge in the first spring when plants and flowers are blooming. Use 301010 water soluble fertilizer on the

Water the hedge right after the fertilizer program. Continue to water the soil before you can see any fertilizer granules on the soil area.

Repeat steps 2 and 1 in June, May and July. The fertilizer must be used 3 times throughout the growing period for best outcomes. Refrain from fertilizing the hedge as the hedge will will need relaxation for dormancy through the winter. However, it’s recommended that you simply apply a slow release nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer in the late drop as a hedge “wellness increase” for spring.

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