The best way to Add a Mail Slot to your Front Door

Mail slots also known as letter-boxes, may be added to front doors and exterior walls to remove the need to wander to the mailbox. Mail slots shifting panels that block air drafts or come with flaps, and mail slots that are ornamental come in various colors, from brass. The slot cover can have letters embossed on it, including your initials or phrases like “mail” or “letters” as well as a filigree design round the perimeter for a stylish, antique appear.

Remove the door from its hinges by tapping the hinges aside using a pin device or a screw-driver as well as a hammer.

Locate the measurements of the mail slot on its packaging. Transfer these measurements into a little bit of cardboard and cut it out to create a mail slot template. In case your mail slot has a pre-created template, it is possible to use it.

Measure 36-inches up in the base of the door and create a mark using a pencil. Measure the amount of the door (from knob aspect to hinge side), while keeping the measuring tape in the 36-inch line and mark the center of the door.

Center the mail slot template to the top and bottom of the door within the center mark on the door with all the sides parallel. Trace round the template using a pencil.

Drill a hole at every corner of the mail slot using a 3/8 inch drill bit to create a starting place for the jig-saw. Insert the jigsaw and cut along the lines to create the mail slot opening.

Sand down the cut edges of the door with fine-grade sandpaper to make them easy to the touch. Wipe off the sawdust using a micro-fiber fabric.

Place the face of the mail slot within the slot opening on the the surface facet of the do-or. Align the extended edges of the encounter of the mail slot and make them parallel using bottom and the leading of the door. Draw in the screw-holes on the front encounter having a pencil. Do the sam-e on the the inside side of the door with all the again encounter of the mail slot.

Drill pilot holes on the screw hole marks.

Should you be installing one, to the opening on the do-or insert the mail slot sleeve.

Hold the encounter of the mail slot on the the surface aspect of the do-or and align the screw-holes. The front encounter to the do or with screws.

Hold the again encounter of the mail slot on the inside of the do or and align the screw-holes. Fasten the straight back face with screws to the do or.

Place the door again onto its hinges. Tap the hinge straight back as well as a pin and hammer instrument.

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