Rock and Roll in Home

Have you ever been taking home layout so seriously that you have sucked all of the fun from your d├ęcor? It’s time to develop that favourite playlist from your iPod and get inspired. Great art has ever accompanied audio; one big bummer of the digital audio era is the loss of all those excellent album covers. But, there’s still lots of excellent ways to enjoy rock art and accessories. These include hanging a picture of a rock icon (maybe it is a traditional cover of Rolling Stone magazine), a favourite album cover, or that staple-holed poster you ripped off a telephone pole. Below are some suggestions for how to rock out in home now.


Why don’t you consider Iggy Pop whenever you’re at the powder room? This piece of art looks perfect with the wild background and vivid mirror.

Shirley Meisels

A series of rock posters in identical frames and mats makes for a sophisticated wall with a wink of pleasure.

HBF plus Design

Oh The Boss… there’s nothing more all-American rock-and-roll than the Produced from the U.S.A. operate with this wall.

Springsteen also has the perfect face for a fun throw cushion. No other decorative cushions are required.

Carey Dodson

The crisp black, red and white graphics with this White Stripes poster matches the modern structure and chalkboard wall.

I am not sure if you can snuggle up into some guitar at night, but to each his own.

Heather Merenda

Embrace the amps. Including a great poster overhead helps improve this musical equipment. A poster of Spinal Tap’s Nigel could be a perfect pairing.

Widi Soehadi

All right, I recognize Jimi Hendrix, but I am having a little trouble with the star on the right. Can it be Chrissy Hynde? Joan Jett? Steven Tyler? Please let us know who you think that it is in the Comments section.

Designtech Custom Interiors

If you can’t make it out to the Hard Rock Cafe, deliver the Hard Rock home. This ultimate rec room/home theater gets the fun sense of hotel in vegas.

Toys R Us

Red Woodstock Poster – $9.99

For those who long for the days of Peace, Love and Music, this charming Woodstock poster is right for you.


Album Cover Frames – $39

If you’re like me, you’re hanging on to some old albums for nostalgia’s sake though you no longer have a turntable. Someday I will invest in these great album frames for Never Mind the Bollucks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, Meat is Murder, and maybe even that beloved Fame soundtrack cover.

Aerosmith Through The Years – $7.95

There are scads of excellent rock posters available, whether classic, new or replicated. is a favorite of mine to get eye-catching tour posters, provides up show posters, and eBay is a superb resource for classic posters.

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