Imagining a Stylish Nest for Beyonce and Jay-Z

Fashion, architecture, decor, engineering, R&B and Hip Hop: Beyonce and hubs Jay-Z have it all covered. Beyonce’s fourth album, 4, drops today, so in honour of this, I’ve put together some layout looks and goods I feel the style icons will appreciate. Beyonce has come a long way since she was a youngster showing off her family residence on MTV Cribs many ages ago. Of course with any couple, occasionally layout has to be a bit of a compromise. Not to worry, I am sure we can find some rooms that these two moguls can agree on. Maybe you can too:

Studio William Hefner

If you want it then you shoulda put a ring on it… The doorknocker-like rings on these chairs are in honor of All the Single Ladies.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

This living room is a good compromise between female and manly, with strong pieces such as the tasteful burgundy furniture, ample mirrored coffee table and oversize classical urn art commanding attention. By the way, do you keep up on Jay-Z’s website Life + Times? It’s a great website for all sorts of inspiration.

Mark English Architects, AIA

This slick bathroom is full of light and reflection, and also due to the clear glass shower, large mirror, natural light and cantilevered dressing table, looks like it goes for miles. The open and clean style, along with the sparkle makes it fit for superstars.


Details, details. Beyonce loves sparkly jewellery and sequins; why not use them to the towel bar?

Both of these do not allow an opportunity to be ultra-stylish slip them outside, so I imagine a futuristic and slick laundry space similar to this one, complete with a notebook.

Beyonce can stone a patterned deep-wine skirt, so why not dress the bed with it (and a fur throw)?


I love this bedroom to the both of them. It’s got a House of Deron-esque sheen, a few Rocawear plaid, a bit of a Marie Antoinette vibe on such headboard and a Louis chair having a face on it. We are going to order up two custom chairs; one for Beyonce and one for Jay-Z.

CIH Design

Fur and a Louis Vuitton tome will make a couple of luxury tastemakers feel right at home.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Beyonce’s most current performance shots reveal her rocking a great deal of fringe in France. Hence, a French salon full of long fringe is just the ticket to get her.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Additionally, the colour palette in this room reminds me of the episode of MTV Cribs that featured Destiny’s Child early in Beyonce’s career. The”genie in a bottle” room was one many small women dreamed of after visiting Beyonce’s family home. You can check it out about three and a half minutes into this movie.

This exotic and elaborate room seems straight from a Beyonce video. Just imagine it full of dancers, possibly with Beyonce being carried in by shirtless dudes on among those Cleopatra stretcher thingees, possibly while she’s wearing this. It’s a great update on the genie in a bottle room.

Summerour Architects

The couple’s journeys take them all around the world. They could bring a little Morocco home with them using a lavish and exotic outdoor area similar to this one.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Cabinet designer Lisa Adams has got scads of expertise with singers and songwriters, and she will be able to assist the couple keep their couture to be able.

Robert Granoff

According to Life + Times, Jay-Z is a Basquiat fan.

Jay-Z also recently endorsed classic bus scrolls on Life + Times, so we’ll order some up for their home, to remind him of town that makes him feel brand new.


BROOKLYN New York City Subway Sign Bus Scroll 11 by FlyingJunction – $19

Check out Flying Junction on Etsy to pick from a variety of classic bus scroll recreated prints.


Troy Chandelier by Zia Priven

This magnificent chandelier reminds me of those strings of bling Beyonce rocked on the Dangerously in Love cover.


Raw Crystal Bottle Stopper – $55

Crystals to keep the Cristal clean and bubbly.


Gold Bar Paperweight-Doorstop – $76

Who doesn’t love carrying a door open with a cube of gold?

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Tony Duquette – California Sunburst Chandelier – $8,695

The old Hollywood exotic allure of Tony Duquette is a great fit for the couple’s decoration.

Barneys New York

Owen Barry Argento Spot Pillow – $165

An ideal glamorous pillow to place on a rider to make Beyonce feel in your home backstage.

Osborne & Little

Wilde Carnation

The reflective glow with this glamorous wallpaper would work in only about any room in the house, in the dining room to a walk-in cupboard.


Cabana Vanity – $1,995

Each diva requires a proper dressing table, and even women who rule the world love yummy raspberry pink.

Vertigo Home LLC

The Norm 03 Steel by Normann Copenhagen – $900

This futuristic pendant light recalls this wonderful apparel Beyonce wore.

John Derian Company

John Derian Company Inc.. Silver Pouf – $325

You can take the girl from this genie-in-the-bottle room, but you can not take the genie-in-the-bottle space from this girl. This silver pouf is a ideal exotic update.

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