A Furniture Locate Your Bathroom Vanity

We get lots of questions from Houzz users asking us where they could find this or that bathroom vanity, and frequently the solution is that the vanity is a habit or semi-custom piece, not a standalone readymade piece.

But when vanities are assembled from stock cabinets, you can achieve a very custom look by adding a few furniture style details. These vanities may seem like freestanding pieces of furniture, but they’re anything but. Here’s a few of my favourite examples, with a few freestanding retail choices as well.

Furniture-style thighs: This vanity might seem as a piece of furniture, but it is all in the styling. Pilaster-style legs, detailed feet, the varied heights of every cupboard, the flush inset structure: These components are crucial in making this vanity seem and feel as a piece of furniture.

Tip: The rationale that vanities like the one shown here are not available off the shelf in stores or online is frequently due to size. You might observe a 48″ single-bowl, furniture-style vanity available as a byproduct, but a vanity such as the one shown in this photo is designed to match the space exactly –“fitted” precisely between two partitions.

Tracy Lynn Studio

Furniture style doesn’t have to be super-ornate. The simple addition of legs that lift the cabinet off the ground transforms a vanity into a piece of furniture.

Grainda Builders, Inc..

In this custom piece, turned pilaster style legs and ball feet and a deeper top apron are reminiscent of furniture pieces.

Tip: Assessing the particulars of a favorite classic sideboard or dining room credenza can allow you to design a habit , furniture-style vanity of your own.

CBI Design Professionals, Inc..

Furniture base molding. If seeing (and cleaning) under a bathroom cabinet isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always this choice: furniture base moulding together with a recessed toekick behind so you don’t have clean under the cabinets.

Home Systems , Wendi Zampino

From eye level, you can not even find the recessed toekick behind the furniture base, but it tricks you into believing the cabinets are standing on toes.

LKM Layout

Decorative molding particulars. The simple addition of a part of molding between the top drawers and lower doorways adds a level of detail you don’t see on a normal stock cabinet. The molding and base molding transforms this into a furniture-style piece.


Victoria Collection Vanity

If a custom-made vanity isn’t in your near future, and you’re trying to find a readymade furniture style vanity, you will find a few on the market, like this one from Fairmont Designs, that are fairly fantastic.

The Home Depot

Kohler Clermont Vanity Cabinet Only in Oxford – $720

Really like the veneer pattern of the from Kohler.

Restoration Hardware

Louis XVI Dual Vanity Sink – $3,395

It is not simple to find a readymade double bowl vanity cupboard, and Restoration Hardware has made that a bit easier on us by simply offering a handful of styles and dimensions.

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