Closet Storage Solution: Fall Clothes In, Summer Clothes Out!

As much as we might not want it fall is approaching, and we must admit that summer is coming to a conclusion. Out come the autumn sweaters and winter jackets which were stored away. To make space for these bulky items, say farewell to summer clothes for awhile. Here are some tips about how to approach this seasonal task and a few storage ideas to assist you get started.

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1. Eliminate garments that were unused. First things first: assess your spring and summer wardrobe currently hanging in your closet. Those pieces you haven’t worn all season likely will not get worn next year . They aren’t worth the space of storing them. Now is the time to filter and simplify. Put aside the items you plan to donate.

Lisa Adams

The exact same can be true for your children’s clothes. Items they have outgrown do not need to be stored and could be contributed or handed down to smaller children.

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2. Before storing wash. The items you’ll be keeping need to be cleaned until you put them away. Small quantities of food or soil which aren’t eliminated now can become permanent stains after a few months. They could attract insects.

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You will also need to launder your fabric storage bags to remove dust, and clean and line the plastic containers that your clothes are moving in.

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3. Clean your cupboard. Before bringing the autumn and winter clothes into your newly-vacated cupboard, clean and vacuum that area too to remove dust, dirt and insects.

Lisa Adams

4. Locate a protected, ventilated storage space. The summer clothes you’ve packed away shouldn’t be stored in areas which might be exposed to extreme temperatures or temperatures, like garages, attics or basements. A cozy and ventilated space not directly exposed to sunlight is your ideal option. The very best solution is neat and stackable boxes on higher shelves in your cupboard. (Obviously not all of us are lucky enough to have this much square footage for our cabinets.)

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5. Build storage. Under the bed appears to be the go-to storage area option for many.

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A window seat could be an excellent storage spot for blankets or clothes.

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6. Add free-standing storage. A dedicated wardrobe for seasonal clothes adds a beautiful classic touch to any home.


This modern version from CB2 is straightforward and functional.

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InterMetro Garment Rack with Cotton Canvas Cover – $233.89

Here’s a portable closet system for maintaining out of season from sight in fashion.


Cotton Canvas Zippered Storage Bag – $24

7. Treat yourself to dedicated storage bags and boxes. These unbleached cotton canvas piled bags are a convenient storage tool for storing clothes under the bed.


LINGO Clothes box with lid – $7.99

Cardboard boxes are best for stacking, but no one said you have to abide by brown cardboard. If you are utilizing a huge closet for your seasonal storage demands, you should have boxes which are peppy and vibrant to put a smile on your face every single time you measure.


SKUBB Clothes cover, set of 3 – $9.99

Shield hanging clothes from insects and dust when they are saved out of sight for months at a time. Just make sure the bags are cleaned before using them to protect your clothes.

Once you’ve sorted, cleaned and stored away your summer clothes, you are off to a promising autumn with an organized, neat and streamlined cupboard.

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