Inspired by Halloween: Chocolate Corn Color Palettes

Candy corn is anywhere around Halloween. It is on display in the supermarket, place out in dishes at the office, clutched in the thrilled hands of kids far and wide… but can it be reflected on your interiors? No, I am not saying you ought to start stringing candy corn and hanging it out of the walls, but rather suggesting you incorporate candy-corn colors — orange, pink, yellow and white — around the home. You might think these colors too bright for use cohesively, but it is quite possible to make the combination work; just check out the following photos from creative Houzzers. Whether you love or despise the taste of candy corn, you might find yourself a lover of its color scheme.

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Seaside Interiors

To kick this ideabook off, a shot of candy corn itself, in all its glory. As if you needed a reminder!


This is one way to go about it: boldly. If you’d like a look that will delight and surprise visitors, transform your ceiling into a luminous orange accent and complement it with yellow drapery. Orange-backed chairs pull the color back to the ground for visual balance while white walls create a neutral background so the strength of the two colors can stand as focal points without overpowering the space.

House + House Architects

You might choose a more toned-down mixture, like this example. Yellow walls imitate sun: use them either in dark basements to create a brighter appeal or from window-heavy spaces to improve the natural lighting. Furnishing this space with orange bits results in a fresh, citrusy feel that is as contemporary as the architecture.

Maria Killam

In this living room, the fireplace becomes a statement piece with a coat of orange paint. Finishing the mantle surround in white spotlights the architectural detail, while pale yellow walls allow the orange to pop without allowing it to slip the show.

Zuniga Interiors

To get a cozy, sophisticated feel, choose orange for your walls. This is a strong color option, so it is best to maintain the furnishings either neutral or mild, like this armchair in a patterned yellow upholstery. White accessories piled up the space.


Nurseries and children’s rooms are the ideal platforms for orange, yellow and white. For those who have white furnishings, think about an orange accent wall to assist them pop. Yellow accessories or artwork, as in this nursery, will build on this lively, lighthearted sense.

Amy Lau Design

Here’s another children’s room infused with all the candy-corn color scheme. Whether an entire wall in yellow or orange seems too much, think about stripes. When coupled with and separated by cooler colors, the brightness will not only be toned down, but the stripes themselves will create more dimension, which can be very helpful in more compact spaces. Add in a yellow ceiling that imitates a bright skies, and who would not wish to wake up to that?

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

If you’re having a few committal problems with a candy-corn color scheme infused into a space through paint or massive furnishings, think about accessories. Top a white couch with orange throw cushions and scatter it with orange side tables. For the yellow? A lot of inexpensive, fresh tulips!

Maria Killam

If you’ve got a pretty neutral space that needs brightening, create a tablescape in a candy-corn palette. You don’t have to shell out the big dollars: use oranges and lemons to finish the appearance. White table runners assist the vignette feel different.

Inside this fairly fundamental area, orange and yellow artwork, light fittings and lively bean bags deliver visual points of attention.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Remember, the best way to give a candy-corn palette a existence without it getting overbearing would be to ground the general look with neutrals. A gray couch and white walls enable the orange ottoman and citrus-colored throw cushions to rule the space without overtaking it.

Molly McGinness Interior Design

If you’re still feeling leary about candy corn, consider doing a variant. Replacing the yellow with a warmer gold tone is going to cause a softer appearance.

The same holds for orange: instead of a super-bright orange, then think about a rustier shade. This color, coupled here with pale yellow walls and white bedding, equals the supreme bedroom.

What is better than the real thing to bring in candy corn color? Instead of pitching the candies to a bowl, then exhibit them in a glass vase for your own mantle’s vignette. Then say a silent prayer that your decoration is not eaten before the guests arrive!

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