Short Sale vs. Title-In Lieu

When a borrower falls behind in the amount of payments as stipulated in the loan contract, or defaults on a mortgage, the financial institution can start foreclosure proceeding. Foreclosure is the method where realty is taken back by a mortgage mortgage company from a borrower who’s no longer producing the loan repayments. Sometimes, the lending… Continue reading Short Sale vs. Title-In Lieu

Mortgage Auctions: The best way to Offer on a House

Default notices were sent and foreclosure auctions planned 306,627 occasions throughout the one-month interval of November 2009, according to Meaning that 1 in every 417 U.S. home units obtained a foreclosure submitting that month. To recoup the cash they’ve lost, house lenders sell these properties to the best bidder. Taking possession of a house… Continue reading Mortgage Auctions: The best way to Offer on a House

A Memorial Day Salute

With Memorial Day within the US, I started thinking about the other ways methods we communicate nationalism in our houses. Whether we have had a an extraordinary pride for state or just a a family member in the military, someplace in our houses is a representation for where we reside, of love. In honor of… Continue reading A Memorial Day Salute