17 Ways to Cozy Up Your House for Fall

Summer may be making its last stand in some places, however I think that it’s safe to state that autumn has arrived. The bountiful season of all things pumpkin colored and cinnamon scented means that we’ve said our goodbyes to the sights and sounds of the summer. But have you swapped out of your home’s summery, extroverted spirit for fall’s cozy, snuggly character yet? Listed below are a few methods to transition into the season by upping your coziness factor of your house, just burnt orange and red ocher accent at a time.

Taylor Lombardo Architects

Dinner fireside. Fall means more visitors over for dinner as the fire roars and the cider warms. Accommodate more people by switching out dining seats for benches and put in just the right touch of understated elegance with burnt orange tableware.

Nature’s bounty. You do not have to do much to this traditional kitchen — it’s a lot cozy already. Nevertheless, the orange winterberry wreath, peppering of leafy branches, pops of red from the cookware and orange-brown tone brought out at conclusion of the antique farmer’s table to mind the crowning holiday in autumn: Thanksgiving dinner (and the morning-after breakfast).

Flea Market Sunday

Red ocher. By far one of the most treasured autumnal foliage colours, red ocher provides the visual signal that autumn has arrived. This eclectic coastal bedroom is a study in cozy; the filled yet casual bed setting lets the homeowners welcome autumn with breakfast in bed and Saturday-morning cartoons.

Jane Ellison

Goldenrod. This Asian-inspired space does not scream”autumn” — it whispers it midyawn right before dozing off for an afternoon nap (simply ask the French bulldog).

When the weather is cool and the leaves are falling, there are few better way to settle into a rest than with a hot cup of herbal tea or cider, with all the shades drawn and all of gadgets turned off (and preferably in a different area ).

Kate Jackson Design

An outerwear screen. When you have readied your house for autumn, your beach equipment will be saved away, leaving hooks, hangers and shelves with room for coats and boots. The winter clothing offer a visual cue the season has changed (without your spending a dime on seasonal decoration ).


Cable knits. Insert a cable knit pattern by means of a tiled carpet. It’s like having a massive sweater on the floor — but when it’s still hot out, you do not have to sweat it.

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Highline Partners, Ltd

Plush seating. In my home, fall does not just mean hot apple cider — it signifies cider with a wholesome dose of autumn TV. Together with the last season of 30 Rock, the yield of Homeland and the long-awaited third-season start of Downton Abbey about the way as I write this, we are all bound to invest more time at our press and family rooms watching the telly.

This kids’ cave gets it right by providing loads of seats and footrest alternatives for marathon screening.

Interiors by Cary Vogel

Fur and fire. A cold evening by the fire with a nightcap in hand is a fantastic way to end any day, but not also drape a faux fur throw in the foot of your lounger. You — and your toasty toes — won’t regret it.

Noel Cross+Architects

An outdoor fire pit. Nature’s magnificent beauty invites us outside in the autumn, and thanks to outdoor fire pits, living rooms could extend as far outside as land lines allow.

I like Adirondack chairs as much as the next person, but these cushioned outdoor armchairs allow you to enjoy the few weeks made of day light with no sore ass, which makes them winners in my book.

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Erica George Dines Photography

Oversize loungers. Forget La-Z-Boy sofas. Oversize chaises within this new traditional media room–flipped –guy’s den give everyone in the home plenty of cuddle room and front-and-center accessibility into the TV without sacrificing style and elegance.

D’apostrophe design, inc..

Indoor log storage. Modern minimalism gets a bad rap for feeling cold sometimes, but this bedroom isn’t anything but aloof. Logs flanking the fireplace, exposed beams and the glow and warmth of the hearth give this polished cabin a cozy, lived-in feel.

Jennifer Bishop Design

A indoor tepee. Dust off the fabric and deliver this beloved play construction indoors. This family resisted the comfort level inside the tepee with the addition of plump throw pillows and sheepskin.

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The Cavender Diary

Down comforters and wool blankets. This eclectic-rustic bedroom invites you to dive right in, pull the covers up and hibernate, does not it? I love the way the topper is wrapped at the base of the mattress, adding more volume to an already plump screen.

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Cortney Bishop Design

Autumnal curtains. This home’s cloth’s design is about autumn. Its sweeping fall to the floor and scale lets us fully enjoy the yellow and red ocher tones and ascending pattern of the autumn leaves. The house office also feels current with the inclusion of a set of velvet chairs in this season’s on-trend blues.

Paint A Lifestyle

Leafy artwork. If you are an artist and a DIYer, and you are tired of decorating leaves you have picked up from the sidewalk, give a mural a go. The scale, rich colours and dimensionality of this wall artwork inspired by de Gournay wallpaper adds visual interest to what otherwise could have been a staid, lonely corner.


Tufted decor and leather. A chesterfield ottoman pulls together the different pieces and elements of this cottage’s great room. Rich crocodile-skin armchairs paired with largely neutral midcentury modern furnishings give the room a relaxed feel, which makes it a wonderful location for sport nights.

And do you find the splash of oxblood red in the sliding doors’ frame? It’s a subtle nod to an on-trend color that’s fitting for this lavish yet royal home.

James Rixner, Inc..

Ambient light. Fall provides us a fantastic excuse to take out our scented candles and votives and make more light indoors. This contemporary bath feels cozy, hot and inviting all at once, and with robes, towels and accessories in orange and green apple, so it’s perfectly suited for extended, hot soaks on chilly autumn nights.

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