How to Pull Off Mismatched Nightstands

Maybe you have a houseful of hand-me-down furniture, or else you’re a devoted thrift store shopper. Maybe you found just one piece you could not resist in the design store. Or maybe you simply don’t like”matchy-poo” sets (as one design maven I know calls them). No matter the reason, you’ve ended up having an odd few nightstands in your bedroom and now you’re thinking about how to create them get along. Check out the strategies in these seven areas, then place your favorite to work in your own.

Laura Martin Bovard

Although both of these nightstands hail from opposite ends of the design spectrum, they share a good deal of parallels in form. Both are tall and leggy, with generous open space underneath. They are about the exact same width, and their visual weight is comparable. Twin mirrors and lamps help enhance the tables’ similarities and reevaluate their differences.

Cortney Bishop Design

Attempt painting mismatched stands in a single colour to make them glow. This pair of nightstands is not identical, however, the consistent finish and shape give the impression that each is part of the exact same family.

Jessica Bennett Interiors

In a similar manner, the handsome wood on this console table and chest of drawers allows them drink well inside the setting.

Kerrie L. Kelly

If your night tables share certainly no common threads, then use other elements of the decor to tie them together. Here, the lamps and window treatments help to create the nightstands appearance of a piece, even though they differ in finish, form and feel.

Kwinter & Co..

Of course, you could always take the opposite approach: Emphasize their differences. Using a single lamp exaggerates the asymmetrical texture of both of these tables.

Carolina V. Gentry, RID

This duo reminds me of this old nursery rhyme about Jack Sprat and his wife. What makes them work well together? The shorter one is composed by a lamp which adds a small height, while a low-slung pile of novels tamps down the taller one. The symmetrical artwork over every balances out the composition.

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

This distance gets away with mismatched nightstands mainly because the one on the far side of this bed feels so independent of the other (see another photo for a closer look).

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Following is a more thorough view of this dining table on the leftside. Having a chair pulled close, it comes off more as a writing and tea table compared to as a nightstand, however its existence keeps the room from feeling off-kilter.

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