Color Guide: How to Use Pink

Pink is associated with spring, love, infants, femininity and decent health. In its hotter, brighter incarnation it signifies energy, enthusiasm and fun. From its palest blush to its most glowing magenta, pink is warm, comforting and soothing.

Fundamental pink is a combination of red and white, but its own bluer hues veer close to the purple household. In its warmer temperatures, yellower variant it could be shut to beige. And we musn’t forget salmon, which is pink at its most orange.

Since pink varies so widely, there is almost nothing that can’t be paired with that. Pink and green are preppy paradise. Pink and gray are making a huge comeback. Pink and orange make a sizzling couple. It looks fabulous with golden in just about any tone or colour, and its deepest, most vibrant magenta is currently enjoying prefer among designers.

It bridges styles, eras and geography, showing up anywhere from Santa Fe to Versailles. It is popular in India. It is popular in Mexico. In little girls’ rooms and Manhattan lofts.

Pink is a versatile colour, but it isn’t a retreating one. Pink in any kind will appear and make itself understood. It can be utilised in place of a neutral, but it is going to always be very much itself, including a warm glow where it lives.


Pink about the Walls

an extremely light, cool pink is ideal in this modern take on the girly nursery. It is soft and pretty but not cloying.

MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

A yellow-tone pink shines against the hot wood of this trim and gives a sophisticated background with this traditional room. Layers of pink, provided that they are in exactly the same household, constantly work beautifully.

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

This slightly deeper light pink adds a feminine warmth to this traditional room. And a touch of glamour too.

Casart Coverings

True candy pink is tricky to work with. Do it wrong and it’s Pepto Bismol on the walls. But do it with other vibrant colors, mixed designs and nothing match-matchy, and you do this: a more lively, cheerful, eclectic-traditional room.

Lauren Rubin Architecture

Here, candies pink is over-the-top girly, which is very good if that is what you’re going for.

Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

Even brighter yet. Put this on your walls and you are making a statement. This room is all about luxury, opulence and hyperfemininity. If I had to guess, I’d say the proprietor of the room enjoys to be pampered.


A dark salmon does not have the same immediate association with femininity which other pinks do. It’s a more traditional wall color that looks fantastic with browns and creams and can accommodate lots of different styles and personalities.

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

The supervibrant salmon is very nearly an orangey red. However, it still gets the flirty feeling of pink. It is almost just like the bedroom is winking at you.

Niche Interiors

Shots of Hot Pink

An accent wall is the perfect way to add some really vibrant, daring pink without feeling overwhelmed by it. This sexy pink seems so modern and glamorous.

Bowery Interior Architecture

This bluer shocking pink gives this exact neutral bedroom its own big personality.

Design Manifest

A purplish-pink table seem so great next to this vivid blue wall. That took some courage, and it all worked out swimmingly.

Michael J. Lee Photography

Hot pink with salmon and beige. Fun but not crazy.

Alexander Johnson Photography

A cool, bright magenta and blue. Modern elegance with a healthy dollop of glamour.

Shirley Meisels

Blossom Pink

cherry pink (I wore a blush of the name in eighth grade) can seem fun and modern when utilized in sudden places. Imagine this desk against a light turquoise wall. Oh la la.

That is where Barbie would cook if Barbie ate.

Katerina Tana Design

Pink in the Bedroom

Pink in the bedroom does not need to be girly. In this diverse room it’s paired with blues and browns and a great deal of rough feel. It is gender neutral and very inviting.

Nichole Loiacono Layout

Small dollops of pink in the throw and the art soften this gray room.

Lucy and Company

Pink is famous in diverse, exotic and boho design. It is the ideal colour to encourage a crazy mash-up of pattern and texture. It has such a sense of fun.

Emily Ruddo

Pink Upholstery

Unexpected bright pink on very traditional chairs. It looks good with the turquoise accessories and adds just a very small bit of sizzle to a badly buttoned-up room.

Nichole Loiacono Layout

A light, beigey-pink couch is the anchor within this living room. I am able to view Lana Turner lounging here.

Jessica Lagrange Interiors

A more midcentury modern take on the pink couch. Despite all the colour here, there is something spare concerning this room.

Shannon Malone

Pink Outside

A classic pink adobe. Step inside this house

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers

Pale-pink clapboard arouses the Caribbean, but you need to be cautious about the kind of architecture you are placing it on.

Chad Chenier Photography/Make It Proper

Another summery, tropical-pink house — a Frank Gehry job in New Orleans.

I love this bright pink doorway against the cool gray building.

Farrow & Ball

Pink Ground Paint | Farrow & Ball – $85

A light, warm yellow. See how it can almost read as beige?

Farrow & Ball

Calamine Paint

A much bluer light pink, slightly more infant flavour than the one above.


Alyssum SW6589 Paint

A little darker but still very soft.


Lighthearted Pink SW6568 Paint

Nearly lavender.


Childlike SW6569 Paint

Blossom pink.

Benjamin Moore

Pink Flamingo CSP-1175 Paint


Sherwin-Williams Zany Pink SW6858 Paint – $30

Candy pink. She is no shrinking violet.

Benjamin Moore

Razzle Dazzle Paint

Vivid, pink.

Can you love pink? Share your space shot below!

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