Guest Groups: Anything-but-Average Tissue Box Covers

Such as the colds and flus that include the winter season, tissue boxes appear to multiply in the house. Oh sure, tissue firms do their very best to make their designs blend into the house environment, but do they really succeed? I chose to take matters into my own hands and find some covers that are a perfect fit for every room. — Maddie from Colour Me There


House Tissue Box Cover – $65

This home tissue box cover leaves cells really look trendy on a coffee table.


Acrylic Translucence Cuboids Tissue Box Cover – $36.99

Tissues look very lovely before being scrunched and dismissed, so this transparent cover looks trendy and colorful.


Block Tissue Box – $25.49

Would you have too many Lego-themed objects in the house? I say no!


Felt Tissue Box Cover, Sardines by Oyatsu – EUR 17

This quirky sardine tin tissue box cover fits your ordinary tissue box but looks anything but ordinary.


Tissue Storage – $28

That is pretty subdued for one of my roundups, but I love the practical simplicity of the European style.


Historical Classic Book Style Tissue Box Cover, Royal Blue – $65

It’s possible to hide the cells in the bookshelf, and nobody could possibly know. This is quite sneaky-cool.


Rainbow Tissue Box Cozy Cover by Gitana Flip Flops – $40

Rainbow layer cakes are so hot right now, and they’re tissue box covers also.


Whale Tissue Holder, Surf Blue by Sparkly Pony – $39.99

This cute wooden subway tissue box cover comes in many different colors from pastels to brights, so it can be as calming as an aquatic-themed nursery or as loudly as a toddler’s playspace.


Robot Tissue Box Cover from Snotty Bots – $15

Sad robot wants you to get much better. That is such a cute addition to a kidlet’s room.


Wishing Tree Tissue Box – $9.99

I believe the only wish I’d have pulling a tissue out of the Wishing Tree tissue box is to get my cold to go off, but it’s a cute design and comes in a range of different designs to match any decor.

Contemporary Tissue Box Holders – $38

Jonathan Adler does easy statement bits so well. This tissue box is really hot in crimson.


Crinkle Tissue Box by Essey of Finland – $32

That is what occurs when the Jonathan Adler tissue box is handled by little kids — ha!


Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box, Style 1 by K8 Bit Hero – $25

This looks like the one on The Big Bang Theory — I don’t need any more persuasive than that.


Felt Tissue Box Cover, Boombox by Oyatsu – EUR 17

Taking your cells out of the boombox cover would make a chilly that tiny bit more bearable.


Minecraft-Inspired TNT Cube Tissue Box Cover by Snotty Bots – $18

I don’t play Minecraft, however I have a feeling this collection of recreated icons from the game could make players chuckle. In addition, I believe it would look great at a boys’ room.


Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover – $4.99

I am still coming to terms with the crazy cheap price of this home tissue box cover! I am thinking about getting one for every room. Additionally, it is stylish in white.


Elephant Tissue Holder by Sparkly Pony – $39.99

I am imagining this stunning pale blue elephant at a dreamy gelato-colored nursery space.


Dictionary-Shape Portable Tissue Box Cover – $24.69

This cute and easy book cover design is also easy to wipe down, building a breeze to sanitize after a bout of illness.


Josh Owen Tissue Box Cover, Silicone Green – $46

Offered in a selection of bright colors, this design is minimal enough to work in almost any space.


Festiva Tissue Cover – $12.99

This easy ceramic cap has a bit of retro charm. It would be fun and colorful for a kids’ space.

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