Guest Groups: Brew a Fantastic Cup of Coffee or Tea

I am an avid coffee and tea drinker, and I feel this daily ritual ought to be full of style, function and a little bit of prettiness. I put together some of my favorite things for brewing the perfect cup. Go grab a cup of your own as you peruse my list, and appreciate! — Candice from The Style Boards


Krups Silver Art Collection Electric Kettle – $75.18

This kettle carries kitchen appliances into a whole new level. I’d really like to get this stunning thing out on my counter tops all the time. I also love the mix of wood and stainless steel.


Krups Silver Art Collection Vacuum Espresso Machine – $265

I love the entire Silver Art Collection, so of course, I would have to get the espresso maker to match the kettle.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Ceramic Coffee Dripper – $22

I just purchased these to replace my ugly plastic dripper. It’s amazing and so much prettier than its plastic counterpart.


Yellow Dipped Mug – $24

I enjoy a big, clunky mug similar to you to consume coffee or chai tea out of. This hint of yellow is a excellent way to brighten the start of my morning.

Analogue Life

Chasaji Tea Leaf Server – $27.36

This is an excellent little sugar scoop. I love little wooden bits like this.


White Spoon Rests by Jay Wiese – $38

These little dishes are ideal accompaniments to an evening cup of tea. Rest your tea bag or sugar spoon on them, or use them to pay up your cup while brewing.


Dot Espresso Cup by Pigeon Toe Ceramics – $22

I love these espresso cups with the hint of colour hidden beneath. They are so cute!

Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders

Stump Teapot – $22

An individual-sized teapot is an absolute must for an avid tea drinker. I enjoy this white version, but in addition, it comes in a variety of different colors.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Chemex Handblown Coffeemaker – $71.90

The Chemex coffee grinder is really a work of art. It’s such a beautiful way to brew coffee, and it’s pretty enough to continue screen in any way times.

Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders

HT Green Tea with Thai Flavors – $5.99

This is one of my favorite green tea blends, and the added bonus is that the tin is so pretty. It looks great displayed on open shelving in your kitchen.


Espresso Pour Deux by Art et Manufacture – $36

These petite cups are great for espresso or green tea. I love the hand-painted details. They’ve a very French feel to them, don’t you believe?

Ashes & Milk

White Dipped Spoons – $10

More spoons! I’m obsessed with little strands. These are ideal for stirring coffee and tea.

Kähler Design

Omaggio Coffee – $86.71

I really like the design of the French media over other more standard choices. I am always a fan of kitchen appliances that look good enough to leave out all of the time.


White Stoneware Tea Canister – $14.95

I am an avid tea drinker and have a couple of go-to blends that I drink regularly. Tea remains fresh longer if stored in a tin or canister, so I have numerous tins available. I love the look of these stoneware canisters and believe they would look so good on open shelving, which just so happens to be part of my own kitchen remodel.


White Enamel Pan – EUR 21

I drink a lot of chai, always with steamed milk. I like to froth my own on the stovetop using a small enamel pan similar to this one.


Kami Mug – EUR 76

Are not these wooden mugs celestial? I cannot get enough of them. I believe I have to get some to show on my spacious shelving in my kitchen.

West Elm

Flow Tea Collection – $8

If I had the space to collect 1 thing, it would be teapots and sugar and creamer sets. I really don’t know why I love them, but I really do. This is a superb set, and it reminds me of warm and cozy winter mornings in the breakfast table.


‘Lotus’ Dessert Spoon – EUR 6.10

Are not these wooden tsp ideal for scooping sugar in your tea or coffee? I have a lot of white pottery, and that I really like the contrasting wood tones from the white, so I am definitely investing in a couple of them.

Mia Blanche Keramik

Mjölk Milk Jug – $44.07

I truly love the natural organic shape of the creamer cup. The rest of the collection is amazing and worth checking out.


Bundled Saffron Napkin Set – $48

A good package of fabric napkins or tea towels actually elevates your daily cup of coffee or tea. Plus they add a little colour and warmth into your life, don’t you believe?

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