Color Feast: When to Use Purple in the Dining Room

Purple is a unusual color choice for a dining room — a room that is traditionally wrapped in warmer colours to excite our appetites. However, I think since purple is so unexpected that there, it ends up feeling exotic.

Deep purple is a little tricky to use, since it could make a room feel gloomy and heavy. It has to be properly used interchangeably or or requires other colours or components in the room in order to add heat or shimmer.

Below you’ll find seven stunning examples of dining rooms resplendent in purple, along with examples of fairly purple hues to try in your dining space.

Jennifer Ott Design

Purple paint picks for dining rooms (clockwise from top left):

1. Little Grapette KM3082-1, Kelly-Moore Paints
2. Lavender Haze 344-3, Pittsburgh Paints
3. Marabou 29-4, Pratt & Lambert
4. Purpling Dawn 1001-6B, Valspar
5. Ice and Fire 1392, Benjamin Moore
6. Berry Syrup S-G-650, Behr
7. Dusty Plum 006-5, Mythic Paint
8. Mesmerize SW6544, Sherwin-Williams

Laura Boisvert Design

Deep, cool purples can make a room feel dull, particularly in a room that doesn’t get a good deal of natural light. Take a hint from this stunning contemporary dining room: Use the color sparingly and pair it with light neutrals. Make sure you add some glow, whether through glass pendant lights or metal and glass decorative fittings; it will create the purple look crisp and modern.

A muted purple, one that has a good amount of grey in it, reads as a neutral hue. It appears so complicated here with an assortment of other warm and cool neutrals. It’s a neutral palette that is in no way dull.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

This gorgeous space with its palette of purple and bronze simply glows. The walls are clad in a hand-painted silk wall covering that is simply stunning. With such a dramatic focal point, no further adornment on the walls is required. The remaining furnishings pick up on the hint of bronze on the wall and also create this purple-clad dining room anything but dull.

Kathryn MacDonald Photography & Internet Advertising

Here is another stunning wall remedy in pretty violet. This shade of purple is a bit cooler, and can be paired with taupe and chocolate brown. The palette is rich and complex.

Dodson Interiors

This airy space charms in white and lavender. For those who want a hint of fun color but prefer the room to remain light and neutral, look to milder shades of purple with some grey in them. The grey neutralizes the color a bit, but you’ll still get a sign of your preferred hue.

Reveal Studio

Layer on the lavenders, purples and berry hues for maximum drama. By mixing together various tints, tones and shades of a single color, you get a colorful space that doesn’t knock you over the head with a rainbow of colours.

Sticks and Stones Design Group inc..

Use color to specify rooms within an open-concept living space. Consider using one light neutral hue for the majority of the ceilings and walls in the open space, then indulge in a bold accent shade — like the rich eggplant used here — on a wall or some section of a wall. It’s a great way to put off part of the room, like the dining room.

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