Guest Picks: Dining in the Dark

I usually steer straight for candy colors in regards to kitchen finishes and accessories, but lately I’m beginning to enjoy the sleek sophistication of black. Why do I suddenly need to toss everything out the window and move to a New York home made? I guess this urge wills satisfy. Here are my picks for ebony eye-pleasers perfect for any home. — Kristin in The Cuisinerd


Mason Cash Tagine – GBP 39.99

If you don’t own a tagine yet then you get your Paypal on, since this slow-cooking attractiveness is a kitchen needs to. And in black? Yes, please.


JIA Purple Clay Coffee Pot – $129

This coffee pot and I are going to become quite close friends. At this handle look! You are magnificent.


Pure Black Knife – $80

Now these are a few knives I would not mind having on screen. They imply serious business.

Grey Area

Miss Fabiola Lucite Coasters – $200

This pretty woman appears too elegant to have a cold beverage set on her hairdo.


Cast Iron Casserole

This bit is equivalent parts old-world and modern. It is like Jack and Jill finally obtained a severe layout update.


Tara Black Single-Hole Basin Mixer

This guy wants a subway tile backsplash ASAP!

Normann Copenhagen

58N Salt And Pepper Set – $41.65

Cork, you raise the bar when paired with black. You handsome, impermeable, and buoyant material, you.


Dual Black Gun Mugs – $35

A little comedy, a little danger and a lot like someone I dated in college.


El Querido Pater Tray – $113

I brake for animals.

Jonathan Adler

Rhino Box – $295

I want to put away my tea in this lovely thing. Johnathan Adler, you can do no wrong in my book. God bless you.


Triangle Dinner Mats – EUR 20

Black and cork, you are complete perfection and the dream team collaboration — especially in this design.


Muuto Plus One Salt Cellar – $49

The texture of the salt seller is what seals the deal for me. What could feel really cold and impersonal actually includes a warm and inviting feature.


Black Cable Knit Ceramic Cups – $28

I’m enjoying the natural detailing on this pottery collection. It is almost as if it were made of lacquered cable knit (which astonishingly really exists, in accordance with my buddy Google).

Scandinavian Design Center

Tête-Â-Tête Salt And Pepper Mill – $248.63

I never understood pepper and salt mills could be so dignified.

Asian Woks And Stir Fry Pans – $285

Are you sensing a trend here? Black and organic substances are clearly playing favorites. One word: classic.


Avva Bowl And Board – $84

This combination is perfectly designed for easy storage, but I don’t believe I could allow it to hide in my cupboard; it’s too amazing.


Le Creuset Stoneware 8-Ounce Petite Round Covered Casserole, Cassis – $28

I have a Le Creuset problem. And this small guy, suited up in dark, isn’t creating my collection grow any smaller.

Unison Home

Moller Melamine Salad Sets – $22

Straightforward. Elegant. Perfection.


Noir Pendant Lamp – $249

I believe three of them have. I would love to live through you.

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