Try out a Shorter Kitchen Backsplash for Budget-Friendly Style

The overwhelming amount of materials necessary for a brand new kitchen or a kitchen remodel can quickly make your prices. Save precious dollars by cutting down on substances while maintaining high style. Using a 4-inch-high backsplash rather than the conventional 18-inch model can help decrease material costs while looking great.

Take a look at how these kitchen designs include a short backsplash — can one of those work in your house?

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Stone. When installing rock countertops — such as the marble countertop in this photo — use the leftover substance for a half-wall backsplash. (Stone is sold in 30-inch-deep slabs, although the standard countertop depth is 25 inches together with the front overhang.) Using the extra rock to secure your walls also creates a seamless look from backsplash to counter — it is the ideal finishing touch.


Solid surface. When purchasing a solid-surface counter material — such as Corian or Avonite — you have the option to put a fitting 4-inch-high piece against the rear wall.

Consider using the substance coved, also — the fabricator can add a small curve where the backsplash meets the countertop, which makes it seamless. This is great in kitchens because they can be such wet places, along with the smooth corner prevents water from leaking behind the backsplash.

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Extended height. Four inches is the average height of a short backsplash, however you can decide on a marginally higher half-wall backsplash.

This homeowner went to the base of the window casings to get a smooth transition from countertop. This is a superb appearance that still conserves money — I really do this all the time!

Jeni Lee

Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel countertop manufacturers can easily make a searchable backsplash to match. A stainless steel partial backsplash becomes welded directly to the countertop throughout the manufacturing process to get a seamless transition between the 2 pieces.

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Tile. Tile can be among the most cost-effective semi counter and backsplash substances. Line up your favorite tiles in a single row for immediate kitchen character and a very functional semi backsplash.

You can get all kinds of tiles left over from larger jobs at tile showrooms or shops — just call and inquire. Even mismatched tile can make a large effect for little money.

Phil Kean Design Group

Brick. This layout employs all brick on the freestanding variety recess. Using the leftovers for the partial backsplash helped the owners cut down prices and unifies the distance.

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Wood. Wood countertops are extremely popular and look magnificent — and so does a fitting short splash. Make certain that your contractor and installer use a waterproof silicone adhesive to adhere the backsplash to the countertop. Water leaking from your timber dab will lead to rot over time — which can be expensive to clean up.

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