Permit Purple Passion Infuse Your Own Property

Purple is the perfect median between both main hues — less competitive than red but more lively than blue. Really, author Brad Thor summed this up nicely when he explained, “From the political angle, so I am trying to become apolitical if you will. I mean people say, ‘Are you a red state or blue state?’ I say I am purple.”

However, purple does not sit on the fence. This color makes bold statement and is often selected to aid a room or feature stand out. It is connected with royalty, spirituality and wisdom and is said to uplift and to promote pure idea. Too much could be tempestuous and overpowering, but it may be beautiful once the balance is right.

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The color worn by Roman emperors and then later Roman Catholic bishops, purple remains associated with royalty and piety. It is great for statement bits and, in velvet, makes these chairs much more extravagant and royal.

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Purple’s title and color include a Tyrian dye, purpura from Latin, made in the mucus of a Mediterranean sea snail. The dye was so costly, only kings could afford it.

Perhaps its origins make it a good choice for Mediterranean-inspired layout, in which a blue rather than red tint (as in the photo shown) looks perfect.

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Vincent van Gogh was an avid student of color theory and utilized violet in a number of his 1880s paintings, including those of irises and moody skies. In his famous painting “Starry Night,” he utilized violet with complementary yellowish — this makes for a similarly dramatic pairing in space layout.

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Leonardo da Vinci believed that the energy of meditation increased by 10 under purple lighting, and in his case, this light came in the stained glass at the sanctuaries he was functioning in.

The serenity provided by this white area with its brightly colored stained glass roof panel makes it a beautiful place to unwind or meditate in.

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Violet is the color of the crown chakra, an energy point near the top of the head that some believe represents pure idea. This fabulous wet area, using its own crown of purple, feels just like a retreat for clearing your mind.

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In metaphysics the expression “purple power” describes psychic abilities. Because purple has the maximum frequency in the visible spectrum, mystics associate it with the maximum degree of religious intuition. Used here as mild, purple does appear to put in a mystical aura.


Purple is said to promote creativity. In her book Colours for Your Every Mood: Discover Your True Decorating Colors, color expert Leatrice Eiseman writes, “It is no wonder that highly artistic and creative types (as well as eccentrics) have a predilection for purple. They like the uniqueness inherent in this shade that is extraordinary.”

Really, Richard Wagner wrote his operas in a room with purple curtains. Clearly, it’s a good color choice for a creative space!

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Early studies of color suggested a preference for purple revealed psychological and mental immaturity, but further research failed to prove this. I would rather believe that it demonstrates creativity and playfulness. This room reveals, playfully, just how great purple may look with other strong colours, such as green and turquoise.

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The odor of lavender is assumed to be stress relieving when utilized in aromatherapy. The lavender plant has both green and purple, so it’s little wonder that the colours work so well together.

I really like the simplicity of this design and how it functions with components in the backyard to bring in a natural sense of space.

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In feng shui purple isn’t recommended for use as a wall color or in large amounts. “it is a very high-vibration color and should be used sparingly,” says feng shui expert Rodika Tchi. She states that the only space where it may be utilised in large amounts is a meditation or therapeutic place; otherwise keep with the paler shades, like lavender.

Purple seems amazing with organic linen (think about how houses in Provence look). Therefore, in the event that you’d rather go the subtle route, consider how purple, hessian and grey work nicely together in this elegant design.

Prove us : Can you dare to utilize purple in your residence? Please post a picture below!

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