The best way to Paint a Wood Bed

It’s possible for you to paint or re-paint a wood mattress with any colour you want. Paint on the bedframe, possibly mixed using pillow shams and a comforter, can change a bedroom. Don’t skip on the prepping and priming actions — they’re important to attaining the the greatest painting results. Keep in your mind the surfaces of the bed-frame will be out-of-sight once coated using mattress and a boxspring. You may wish to use only one coat of paint to the components of the mattress that won’t present.


Place a tarp under and across the bed. You can disassemble the bed-frame and paint it such as, for instance, a garage, in a location. Be cautious not to fill or seal any connecting holes or slots .

Fill a bucket with water and include a tiny amount of vegetable oil-based cleaner meant for use on wood. Dip rag or a sponge in the water and clear all surfaces of the mattress. Allow the wood.

Lightly sand the the top of mattress using a 220-grit sandpaper. Roughing up the area in this way will assist the paint stick that is new. In the event the bed features a paint complete, use a more heavy 100-grit sandpaper to smooth the edges complete with sand-paper that is lighter.

Wipe off all traces of dirt and grit using a clean, moist cloth.

Priming and Painting

Apply one coat of paint primer using a paintbrush. You might need to use a small-size for just about any details like mattress knobs or spindles, a medium-size for the headboard and footboard, as well as two different sizes of brushes.

Follow the primer’s instructions regarding the a-Mount of drying essential before implementing paint.

Apply a mild coat of latex enamel paint, utilizing a little paintbrush a medium and/or. Allow the paint to dry for a-T least two hrs, or as directed on the paint can. Start painting on top of the mattress and perform down to the underside.

Apply another coat of paint and permit it to dry.

If preferred a coat or two of apparent polyurethane to the bed. Polyurethane assists pro Tect and preserve the paint, and and it is beneficial for beds in children’s rooms.

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