The best way to Keep Ants Out of an Air Conditioner

Having ants in the home or or about an air conditioning unit is a standard problem for a lot of homeowners. For those who have animals or kids, it may be beneficial to use non-toxic methods of managing ants around an AC whenever feasible so that you prevent accidental ingestion of pesticides or chemical ant baits. Keep ants and subsequently your house among other control techniques, through meticulous cleansing practices.

Remove any food or water resources which are close to your air-conditioner, as these resources will attract ants and other critters for your unit and and perhaps your whole house. This could include eliminating bread-crumb birdfood close to your air-conditioner or repairing a spigot.

Wipe up ants that are obvious on and about your air conditioner using a moist paper towel and toss towels or the towel away in a garbage can that’s exterior of the house.

Clean the outside the surrounding area with soap and water as well as the air conditioner to eliminate ant scent trails. Don’t pour down any water in to your device, nevertheless. Use a spray bottle to distribute the combination should you be concerned with unintentionally pouring water in your AC.

Wipe spearmint or peppermint gas around and in your air conditioner to repel ants.

Make your own ant bait to manage ant populations around your AC. Combine 1 teaspoon of boric acid blend properly. Heat the mixture and allow the bait to cool to prevent damage. Mix the same quantity of water and set the combination in lids or use an eyedropper to distribute the combination throughout the unit. While the acid functions as the ant-killer the honey or syrup attracts the ants. Until your ant problem h-AS subsided replace the bait asneeded.

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