Test-Drive a Bit of Neon

Following a year dominated by neutrals, colour lovers are currently embracing this year’s daring brights with open arms. It can be pretty cheap to upgrade your wardrobe with a couple parts of neon, but it’s not always so easy with interiors, where changes have a tendency to be much more permanent and costly.

Small doses, clever programs and restricted painted accents make it easy to introduce the daring trend to your home without overspending or registering for a decade of neon design.

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Paint is your best friend when it comes to color trends. It is cheap and easy, and the creative choices are endless. Look around your space and see what small nooks and crannies could gain from a daring colour makeover.

Bookshelves really are a terrific place to start. Paint the insides of your shelves in a couple of vivid colours, then see your room take on an entirely new character with little effort or cost.

Shannon Malone

Rather than developing a complete accent wall for a space, paint window frames in vivid colours for a sudden twist.

De Meza + Architecture

Paint the interior of your kitchen toilet or dresser drawers for a surprise they’re opened. Start looking for touch paper in shades if you don’t want to take care of paint.

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Functional hardware like a stairway handrail becomes a more lively accessory with a new coat of paint. You can probably paint a handrail within one hour and have a fun new look before lunch.

Adeeni Design Group

If you’re cautious about painting an entire article of furniture neon, highlight it with hints of colour. Emphasize built-in details with carefully painted accents.

Vendome Press

Give a dose of neon on your piping to upholstery. This is a durable program, but the colour feels such a amount for classic.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

If you want to use bright colour in slightly larger applications, consider painting the walls a toned-down shade and your own doors in a bright colour. This look is fun, and are the doorways once the trend dies you will want to repaint.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Here’s another exceptional spot to play with neon: the doorframe. It is unexpected, daring and easy to change down the street.

4R Builders, LLC.

If you’re really itching to play with neon on all four walls, experimentation in a bigger, less commonly used space rather than your living room or bedroom. Not only is it cheaper, but you will find a flavor of the trend without going overboard in a major living space. Accent your neons with white so they feel refreshing and sophisticated.

This wall program is produced from a series of vivid paint chips.


Hardware makes it easy to play with trends. New fixtures can lend an entirely new look to a space, but they’re easy to swap out when the next fad comes in.

Leclair Decor

Accessorizing with nature’s bounty might be the least expensive and most temporary tactics to check out vivid colours. It is filled by apples placed around this space with the right bright green accents.

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