Get Hooked on Unusual Wall Hangers

Gone is the day of everyday hooks and hooks; designers are approaching hardware with fresh style, visual interest along with smart practicality. See a few of the latest options from this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair get inspired by a roundup of smart hooks and hangers used by fellow ers.

Beech Wood Hook – $70

These beech wood hooks corral anything from scarves to hats to coats, and are perfect for small spaces.

Wall Plate

This smart wall plate provides instant function to your light switches by including a little hook.

Glass House Magnet, Walnut

Always losing your keys and shades? These superstrong magnets from Board by Design let you store them in style on your fridge.

Atom Hook

You can not ignore the fun made by Isaac Krady’s Atom wall hook. It could be a fun accessory for a kids’ toilet.

Kelly Donovan

This hanger doubles as a sculptural piece, which makes it as much about art as business. It provides a whimsical touch into a woman’s room.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Pair a smart wall decal with everyday accessories to get a look entirely your own. This Coat Tree WallSticker from YLiving will help you do just that.

Erich Ginder Ghost Antlers – $309

Everything creature is in nowadays, and Erich Ginder’s Ghost Antlers are on trend while supplying function into a mudroom or hallway. Hang a series; either way, these bits make an effect.

This er used typical hooks, yet created a background for each that resembles artwork. Frame a part of wallpaper or a print to replicate this in your house.

Harper Design from HarperCollins Publishers

Add even more role into a shelf on your hallway with C-clamps. Suddenly, it becomes a place for trendy accessories and storage to your jacket or hat.

Michael A. Menn

If you are looking for interesting towel racks to the bathroom, keep an open mind: You may find something which will readily dangle a towel. This small waving man on the wall is both sculptural accessory and smart towel holder.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

By thinking creatively it’s possible to turn unexpected items (like this wooden paddle) into a storage method that is entirely your own.

A suspended ladder in the laundry area accessorized with hooks allows you to drape wet clothes over the rungs or hang bits individually from hooks. Plus, it looks cool.

Don’t forget the numerous purposes of the typical hanger. Take it from the closet, clip a drawing or poster to it, and suddenly you’ve got an easy-to-hang part of artwork on your wall.

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