4 Hot Color Trends to Contemplate 2013

If your home is overdue for a makeover, consider injecting color for a means to freshen things up. Paint and colorful accessories are a quick and inexpensive way to invigorate your home, and with the new year comes with a new palette of exciting colors. That is not to say you should change your interior with every passing colour trend, so select colors you love and you’ll therefore need to keep around for a good long time. Here we round up some of the interesting colours being touted for 2013, together with examples of how you may use them on your personal space.

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Four Stylish Hues for 2013

Although Emerald was called Shade of the Year, Pantone has forecast Lemon Zest, Poppy Red and Nectarine as sexy colours for spring 2013. Peachy Keen and Lemon Sorbet are one of Benjamin Moore’s colour selections for the year, and revealed here is a selection of on-trend colours from Sherwin-Williams: June Day, Kumquat, Exuberant Pink and Gladiola.

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1. A Softer Orange

This orange is somewhat tamer than superbold Tangerine Tango, Pantone’s 2012 Shade of the calendar year, but it still packs a great punch. Use it for an accent wall in an otherwise mild and neutral area.

Dalton Distinctive Renovations

Should you fall in love with a colorful material, such as this backsplash tile, try integrating the colour elsewhere in the room for equilibrium.

Here’s another stunning orange accent wall in an otherwise neutral area. One of the advantages of such an open, light-filled room is you may use a lot of bold colours and moderate to dark grays with no distance getting cave-like.

Osborne Architects

Should you would like keeping your walls light and white, you are still able to add colour via accessories and furniture.

My Style Studio

Intense orange walls may be a bit too bright for a bedroom, where you might want to have a more relaxed vibe, however smaller doses of the colour via linens and furniture operate well.

Bella Villa Design Studio

Should you opt to paint your bedroom walls orange, then proceed with a softer, peachy hue — it is way more soothing than orange.

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Suggested Orange Paint Picks

Should you prefer soft orange colors, here’s a choice you can try on your own home. They’d all pair well with warm white oak floors.

From left to right: Peachy Keen from Benjamin Moore, Sweet Melon from Valspar, Mesa Sunrise from Behr and Orient Blush from Pratt & Lambert.

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2. Poppy Red

Dramatic colour will make dramatic architecture really stick out. This poppy red catches attention and contrasts well with the stunning view of the greenery beyond.

Nicole Lanteri Design

This variant has more pure crimson in it — a joyful colour which is going to be sexy in 2013.

Le RĂªve Interiors

Do not overlook your outdoor spaces in regards to colour. This soft red-orange is stunning on this modern stucco home.

Mindi Freng Designs

If you love this season’s glowing red orange but can not watch it splashed all on your own walls, consider painting it onto an interesting piece of furniture.

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Suggested Red Paint Picks

These reds look fantastic against a red bamboo flooring, with its slightly pink cast.

From left to right: Strawberry Hills from Mythic Paint, Poppy from Benjamin Moore, Heartfelt from Sherwin-Williams and Salsa del Sol from Kelly-Moore.

S&K Interiors

3. Lemon Yellow

Yellow will be a busy, high heeled colour. It’s best to use it in small doses or pick a neutralized tone. This yellow has some cream in it works well in this light and bright area.

If you elect for zingier yellows, try sprinkling them in small bits around the room.

SEMCO Modern Seamless surface

This yellow is darker and mellower, because it has some brown in it. Use it with dark grey and tan for a sophisticated colour.

Terra Firma Home

Here’s another toned-down deep yellow. If you want to use yellow on your bedroom, this is a good hue to operate with. It’s downright cozy here blended with all that stunning dark wood.

Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

Here we have two of 2013’s hot colors working collectively: orange yellow in the cherry and bedding on the chair. But because the bold colors are used sparingly and the walls and floor are kept neutral, they do not overwhelm.

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Suggested Yellow Paint Picks

whilst not quite pastels, these yellows are soft enough to work as neutrals. They are able to look fantastic contrasted against a cool grey concrete or tile floor.

From left to right: Lemon Twist from Valspar, Lemon Sorbet from Benjamin Moore, Lemon Pound Cake from Behr and Lemon Leaf from Mythic Paint.

Annie Hall Interiors

4. Bold Berry Pink

This room with deep cherry walls is absolutely cozy, warm and elegant — the perfect space to retreat to on a wintery day.

Liv By Design Interiors

Pink bedrooms aren’t just for little girls. All these pinks are grown-up versions that may work in any area.

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Suggested Pink Paint Picks

No saccharine-sweet pinks here. These fairly berry colors flatter your skin tone, stimulate your appetite and may be stress reducing. I enjoy contrasting them with dark, cool-colored substances, such as a dark grey — nearly black — ceramic tile.

From left to right: Raspberry Ice from Mythic Paint, Crushed Berries from Benjamin Moore, It’s the Berries from Kelly-Moore and Feverish Pink from Sherwin-Williams.

Inform us Which are your favorite warm colors to decorate with?

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