Your Decor: Crazy for Kilim

Kilims, a kind of flat weave carpet, started to gain popularity a couple years ago. You’d think the microtrend inside the larger trend of international influences for the home would go and come, but who can deny the allure of the exotic? More people are finding the unique allure of kilims, and the geometric patterns are being incorporated into more interiors. These rugs are here in order to stay so allow me to show you why I am a major fan.

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An immediate way to create a Middle Eastern authenticity to your Mediterranean-style villa is to add kilim rugs and cushions. The wool and horizontal weave method means that these fabrics are sturdy enough for high traffic as well as indoor and outdoor exposure. They’d make the perfect addition for a sunroom.

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Hailing from a region known as Anatolia (Central Asia), the kilim carpet is mainly Turkish in source and looks like a Persian or Oriental kind rug, but it is flat woven, meaning it has no pile. You are able to determine a kilim with its own geometric octogonal and diamond medallion designs.

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Kilim rugs receive their warm natural colors from the wool that is traditionally dyed with vegetables. The ochres, reds, browns, and at times purples and blacks tie together a bright multi coloured space by providing both harmony and contrast.

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Global: check. Ethnic: check. Tribal: check. Yes, kilim rugs are those things but more. The initial image you may get in your mind is a bohemian pad with a massive kilim rug and floor mats delightfully strewn about for relaxed gatherings.

In case the kilim is hardy enough for a nomadic tent flooring, it is possible to trust it will hold up to the abuse of this kitchen or bathroom floor. It’ll add a jolt of color and visual appeal to a high functioning sterile space like a kitchen or toilet.

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Sometimes, you’ll discover a gorgeous kilim rug but due to its age, it is not suitable for the flooring if you would like to view it last many more years. The very best way to salvage the faded textile is to repurpose it into floor or sofa cushions. The original character of this carpet survives, but with a new purpose. Nestled among other salvaged and classic pieces, the kilim pillow is just perfect.

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Many of the great mid-century modernists were inspired by the geometric patterns and earthiness of kilims and other tribal art. Today, it seems like a natural and crucial measure to decorate a contemporary, stark white minimalist space with a few tribal pieces plus a kilim rug.

David Sharff Architect, P.C.

Another illustration of kilim style cushions adding warmth and texture into a contemporary, but not minimalist, living area.

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It’s not the first type of rug I’d have thought of for a plush Regency Glamour white and black workplace with jolts of hot pink. But perhaps that’s why the very simple kilim works so well. It attracts back the space down to ground.

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The early tribal nomads utilized kilim tapestries as ornamental wall hangings. If you discover an particularly intricate or classic piece, so if you.

Kite Kilim Rug – $49

Get your personal: although serious carpet collectors normally enter the match with kilims because they are comparatively cheap, authentic antique kilims may be pricey. National retailers like West Elm provide affordable machine made versions that mimic the traditional tribal designs.

Kuba Kilim Red Wool Rug (11’9 x 14’9) – $772.99

Online shops like Overstock provide new rugs, hand-loomed in India, that provide the vivid traditional patterns at very affordable prices.

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Mini Turkish Kilim Rug With Anatolian Patterns / Blue And Brick-Color – $49.80

A close up look at a modern day kilim rug. Initially these tribal fabrics were utilized in everyday life as floor coverings, tent decorations, storage sacks and saddlebags. It is astonishing to bring a little portion of prehistoric human customs into our daily modern lives.


Sukan / Hand Woven – Turkish Antique Kilim Pillow Cover – 18×18 – $169.95

Sukan sells a gorgeous selection of upcycled kilim cushions. What were once rugs that were falling apart have been changed into hardy and lovely pillows.

Hám Interiors

Large Kilim Stool – GBP 850

If you adore kilim, you aren’t limited to just rugs and cushions. A normal ottoman or footstool can be changed by wrap it or reupholstering it with a kilim weaving.

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