What Color Floor With Light Hickory Cabinets?

The undertone of natural hickory is yellowish, the colour of mild honey, and the striations at hickory wood add to the cupboards’ natural appearance. But some light hickory is orangish, or cupboards might feature a cooler, champagne spot using a pinkish cast. Hickory cabinets harmonize with complementary flooring colors that fall on the opposite side of the color wheel from hickory’s light colour, whilst flooring at warm, comparable colors coordinates. White-washed cupboards bring out hickory’s undertone, helping to make tone-on-tone colour schemes using a soft, buttery colour.

Natural Yellowish Hickory

Brazilian slate flooring in violet gray complements yellowish hickory cabinets, particularly when the tile has yellowish secondary colors which echo the cabinetry’s undertone. Or opt for flooring that matches hickory’s undertone, like acid-stained concrete in yellow ochre. Rusty red flooring pairs using yellowish hickory cabinets to form a colour scheme with warm, comparable colors which are side by side on the colour wheel. Flooring in greenish raw umber provides more contrast, with accent tiles in raw umber, yellow ochre, olive and robin’s egg blue to enliven the palette.

Champagne Hickory

Having a pinkish-white champagne spot, hickory cabinets are mild enough to reveal the entire selection of hickory’s tonal variations, such as knots, random speckles and mineral streaks. Champagne hickory cabinets blend using flooring at medium taupe, walls in light taupe and mosaic tile in varying colors of taupe. Hardware in rose gold adds to this soft, pinkish tones. Acid-stained concrete flooring in espresso expands the tonal range, particularly with wrought iron accents. Hardwood flooring using an espresso stain provides an identical effect.

Light, Orangish Hickory

For cupboards in orangish hickory, a strong complementary flooring option is bluish slate gray. Brazilian slate flooring at green-gray provides an aged, earthen appearance that joins the pastoral dash of hickory cabinets. Warm-gray flooring coordinates; the neutral gray tone offsets the glowing warmth of hickory cabinets. Orangish hickory harmonizes with warm flooring colors, like creams, yellows and tans. Or for tonal contrast, elect for flooring at chocolate-brown acid-stained concrete. The texture coordinates using hickory cabinetry’s wood grain, whilst hardware at oil-rubbed bronze adds to this dark, orange-brown accent tones.

White-Washed Hickory

Hickory cabinets have an original appearance when white-washed. Having a light clean of paint, hickory’s prominent wood grain remains visible, though the texture is dim. Cabinets in white-washed hickory combination with metro and flooring tile in cream or yellowish ochre, providing a soft, buttery, tone-on-tone appearance. White-washed flooring pairs using white-washed hickory cabinets to make a light, airy space. Flooring in umber slate quietly contrasts, providing definition into the space, along with hardware in brushed nickel mixtures using the cabinetry’s mild tone. But for dramatic contrast, choose a floor in dark java.

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