The Decorating Trends to Track Lighting in Kitchens

The flexibility of monitor lighting makes it a fantastic option for rooms that require directional task lighting, like kitchens. Although performance reigns as a top selling point, important improvements in aesthetics create track lighting an attractive option for decorative, stylized lighting as well.

Layering Light

Good lighting is integral to your well-designed, well-decorated, functional kitchen. One such process involves layered lighting, which provides the ideal way of covering the three sorts of lighting every room requires: ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. While job lighting is usually the principal focus in the kitchen, ambient and accent lighting can also be crucial to produce the warm, inviting atmosphere of a room that acts as a natural gathering place for family bonding and social fun. You may use monitor lighting for all three lighting types in the kitchen, providing illumination in regions of which other fittings fall short. Use them in conjunction with additional ceiling fixtures and under cabinet lights to reduce shadows and brighten the mood of this room. Match a track lighting system to complement the type of the kitchen along with other hardware.

Flexible Options

Flexible and curvy monitor lighting rails provide a fashionable, designer look to kitchen hardwood floors. Small directional heads produce a complex, compact appearance that fits perfectly in a contemporary setting. A single railing powering numerous fittings is cheaper than installing multiple electrical outlet boxes for additional ceiling fixtures. Elegant S-shaped curves, subtle waves, curling scrolls,simple L-shaped shapes and geometric shapes like circles and squares, are some of the customized appearances flexible rails provide. Suspended rails work well in kitchens with vaulted ceilings, bringing down the light to a functional and aesthetically appealing degree. Cable lighting systems provide solutions for ceilings with odd shapes or hard architectural features such as coffered ceilings.

Mixed Light Fixtures

The flexibility of monitor lighting goes beyond its functional capabilities. Track lighting today offers more designs than any other single kind of fixture. Use a mixture of directional heads and long, suspended pendants over a kitchen island or table. Add a bright pop of color with glass pendant colors in colours of red, green or blue or use art glass colors featuring swirls and veins of variable color. Create a cozy ambiance with warm white bulbs in pendant fixtures while using cool or bright white bulbs in directional heads pointed at counter work areas or to light kitchen wall artwork. Install a dimmer switch to provide additional light control and set the tone for the mood you’re attempting to create.

Complementary Finishes

Sleek, shiny chrome hardware complements modern kitchen designs and ties in nicely with stainless steel appliances. Although monitor lighting in general leans toward contemporary styling, you can find rail designs and finishes that also work well in conventional style kitchens. Shorter, scrolling rails in antique bronze finish and lighting fittings with botanical or frosted glass shades provide a distinctive, rustic appearance. In kitchens with exposed wood ceiling beams, black rails and heads may be mounted on the beams for a clean aesthetic. White monitor lighting methods blend nicely with white ceilings to create a bright, new look in kitchens with lighter finishes and furnishings.

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