The best way to Prune a Sage Bush

Sage bushes are aromatic additions to your garden, with grey-green leaves that include a punch of flavor. As bushes that are compact, they they do not require need pruning for aesthetic reasons, unless they become in the middle. In case you begin plucking their leaves for cooking functions, nevertheless, you will want to to trim them often to inspire new development — meaning delicious morsels for the kitchen and aromatic leaves for the garden.

Trim sage bushes in the morning, when the foliage is dry on the area although moist within. Save main pruning for cold temperatures, through the dormant period. Trim to keep a handy size for the garden to the bush. In the event the sides become too broad for his or her space, prune back them as you see fit. For harvesting before another trim instead of harming the bush, this may encourage new development.

Cut stems with leaves that are wholesome not only for cooking, but in addition to encourage air circulation. Remove stems in the root of the plant to avoid disease.

When they start showing cut branches in the middle from walk out. This can be especially useful as a heart becomes a problem when the sage bush is more than 24 months old.

Till they are just several inches off the floor in winter prune the stems straight back. This retains sage bushes.

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