The best way to Grow a Pencil Cactus

The pencil cactus despite its title, isn’t a cactus and is a plant indigenous to India and Africa. A member of the Euphorbia team of succulents, it’s hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture Zones 9a to 1 1. Pencil Cactus is simple to grow and does well making it ideal for container landscaping and a great house plant. It is an outstanding plant for use in xeriscaping, or gardening in an in a manner that that minimizes the use of water and tolerates drought. However, treatment needs to be taken in selecting the area to lessen the chance for touching it of the plant, as the sap in the plant is toxic when consumed and creates reactions when touched.

Choose an area for the Pencil Cactus that receives plenty of light. This plant does best in full sunlight while it is going to tolerate light shade. Select a low-traffic area, making it more easy to prevent contact with all its own sap and the plant. For backyard use, choose an area that can accommodate its ultimate dimensions, as tall.

Prepare well-draining soil and a gritty. Add grit, including oyster shells, granite or limestone, if required. To use your Pencil Cactus as a house plant, fill a big clay pot that is big enough for the potential peak of the plant and enables moisture to evaporate.

Fertilize in the spring. Every 2 to 3 months, water and allow the soil dry between watering. Prune, if preferred, to to regulate dimensions.

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