The best way to Glaze Panes of Glass

As time passes, glaze on single-pane windows can chip-off or dry, creating water leakage that is irritating or unpleasant drafts. This is one house improvement you do not require a specialist for. It is possible to begin the procedure of re-glazing when you have removed every one of the putty and factors. When completed, you will possess a window that retains the warmth in as well as the awful weather outside.

Apply a bead of latex caulk to the groove in the sash, or every rabbet where the windowpane sits.

Place the pane in the rabbets as you press down while applying pressure.

Glazing factors to the wood sash about every 8″ across the pane.

Press glazing compound across the perimeter of the glass. Be liberal and do not leave any gaps.

Wet your putty knife. Press the back of the knife against the compound as you slide it smoothing the compound contrary to the rabbet and use pressure. Repeat if required.

Cut the extra compound together with the fringe of of your putty knife away.

Set the window up right and check in the other side of the glass if the compound can be viewed to find out. Trim appropriately.

Wait several days for the compound setting before painting and priming it.

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