Summer Shade Combo: Orange and Pink

I remember a day when pink and orange were considered clashing colors. But fashion-forward redheads (believe Joan on Mad Men) were the first to show me how well a lively orange and pink can proceed together. The bold and bright duo adds dynamic energy to any room of the home, indoors or out. And there is no better time to give it a try than during the hot days of summer.

Sarah Greenman

Add some shock to a toilet. You have got to really love shocking pink to cover a vanity inside, but no risk, no reward (and you can always prime and paint should you tire of it). In this kid’s toilet, a graphic geometric white and orange shower curtain is the ideal foil for the cabinetry.

Mirror: Lacquer Modern Petal Mirror, Shades of Light; cabinet: White Rock Cabinets; shower curtain: Jonathan Adler

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Jorge Castillo Design Inc..

Keep a contemporary home colorful. Just because a house is contemporary does not imply its colour palette is restricted to neutrals. A range of pinks and oranges adds spicy Miami modern style that brightens up this dining room.

Interior Desires UK

Appear to dahlias and zinnias for outside colour inspiration. This London deck is ready for sunny days and summertime parties because of solid pink and orange exterior upholstery and a unique covered rill filled with hot pink rocks.

Dyed pink rocks: Darke Water Sculptures

Laura U, Inc..

Add Moroccan style. This office has serious souk appeal. It gets spicy flavor from paprika and adventuresome energy from raspberry, which match the Moroccan architectural features and forged metal lanterns.

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Greenauer Design Group

Brighten up a rustic room. A mix of tribal-inspired fabrics is a beautiful surprise in a rustic-style Colorado chalet.

M design

Bring some glam colour to the bar. Whether you prefer colorful cocktails or strictly clear ones, the bar is a super place to bring some saturated hues. This clever bar arrangement does double duty, adding surrounding lighting and extra seating and storage into the room through the ottomans.

Lewis Giannoulias (LG Interiors)

Enliven a transitional room. Sexy pink and orange accents rev up the style of a largely neutral room, with a more modern abstract pattern breathing fresh life into antique furnishings. The best thing about this strategy is that it’s so simple to change out the beams when you’re in more of a wintry oxblood type of mood.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

The same rule works in a modern room. The hues on the lamp and pillows look like they were plucked in the painting and also amped up. Peonies will be the icing on the cake.

Polka dot artwork: Mitchell Gold

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Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Keep it tailored. Pink and orange can be no-frills, even in a woman’s room. Stripes, solids and tightly tailored upholstery provide the bright colors a clean, updated look.

Orange bedding: Signoria di Firenze, Macy’s

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Utilize a color-blocking strategy. Big blocks of each colour make a stunning design effect, particularly in a mostly white room. Here the shelves and ceiling bring the pink, while one big orange square holds its own.

Hit the mute button. Is what you’ve been seeing too bright for you? If so, turn the dial down a couple of clicks. While the colors here are still rich, all the white and the diluted tones of the pink and orange give a calmer feel to the bedroom.

Bedding: Ralph Lauren

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