Spring Patio Fix-Ups: Earn Rave Reviews for the Entry of Your Patio

If you’ve been working on getting your patio fit, show it off in the best possible way by selecting the most appropriate entrance. This mini guide is intended to find the inspiration flowing, so it’s possible to begin building the patio of your dreams.

From sleek, modern walls of glass into enchanting French doors, secret garden dividers and more, there’s bound to be something which catches your imagination.

LaCantina Doors

Open your kitchen into the outside. Have a cue from this area and utilize custom folding glass doors, like this wooden bifold version, to open up your kitchen to the patio. It’ll make for superior flow during celebrations and supply easy access to supplies when you are dining al fresco.

Klondike Contracting

Consider the new glass doors that fold up slide in and vanish. If a wide-open space is exactly what you are after, have a look at companies offering innovative new products ideal for indoor-outdoor residing, like NanaWall. Choose from models that fold up accordion-style, slide into glistening wall pockets and more.

Richard Lusk Landscape and Design

Define an outside zone with planters. If your patio is located away from the home, you can still make an entry employing a pair of big planters. Hefty pots, planters or urns will draw the eye and indicate the entry to your patio. Measures, a low stone wall and shrubs are different choices.

Get the Key to grouping plants in a pot

Adrienne DeRosa

Construct a secret garden gate. Make your garden patio a secluded destination by encircling it with a trellis or fencing, climbing plants along with a welcoming backyard patio.

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Ana Williamson Architect

Try French doors for a classic look. French doors are best for urban patios and adding character to little spaces. And really, what could be more charming than a pair of French doors flung open to let in a gentle breeze?

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Welcomes the charm with a row of doors. When you’ve got a long wall adjacent to your patio, think about putting in not one or two, three or more sets of French doors to open up the area. Here conventional French doors open a studio converted from a garage into a brick patio in Seattle.

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Robert Young Architects

Add flexibility with displays. Having a screened porch next to a patio is a godsend in areas where bugs are a problem. That way you can enjoy the outside but retreat in a flash when the mosquitoes come out.

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Conserve room with sliding doors. On a patio where every inch counts, sliding glass doors are often the ideal option. Consider choosing framing for your sliding glass doors that accents the design.

Measure inside this rooftop addition in Toronto

Krannitz Gehl Architects

Open up a corner. Take indoor-outdoor living to another level by bringing a wall of glass doors directly around a corner. When the doors are open, the boundary between interior and exterior is fuzzy in a superbly mellow way.

Arcanum Architecture

Improve indoor-outdoor flow with multiple entrances. A number of the best-loved patios of feature not only one fabulous entry but two or more. If you presently have one entry (state, sliding glass doors from the living area), think about adding a second (French doors away from the kitchen, for example) for maximum impact.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Inform us What’s your present patio door setup, and how can you dream of changing it? What would your ultimate indoor-outdoor living room look like?

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