Simple Pleasures: Host a Casual Happy Hour

Planning a huge cocktail party or fancy dinner has its place, but there are times once we would rather simply kick back with a few pals. Little, spontaneous parties place less stress on the server (you) while offering a fun break from the day-to-day grind. So call a few friends or acquaintances, and find out who wants to pop over for a drink at your place — we have the tips and creative twists to make it a significant success.

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Set up an entryway pub tray. Offering your guests a drink on their way in the door is a festive way to kick things off. Set up a little pub on your entryway table; possibly put out a wide range of popular alternatives and let guests mix their own cocktails, or offer a signature drink and pour your guests a fresh one as they arrive in. Offer nonalcoholic options also, such as sparkling water and sodas with a fragrant garnish.

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Keep prep low-key. Throw clutter into a basket in the cupboard, plump cushions on the couch, sweep away significant dust bunnies, pull in a couple of extra chairs from the dining area and plunk a couple of backyard (or grocery) blossom stems in a jar.

People actually often feel much more relaxed when everything is not spot-on perfect, thus there is no need to stress over every detail. Keep things simple and casual, and you’re certain to have a good time.

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Create a wine storage invoice. Take a cue from the creative book dwelling in a Nutshell, by Janet Lee, and install floating shelving in a zigzag form to hold your favorite bottles of wine. Painting the wall behind the shelving is really a wonderful touch — guests won’t be able to resist perusing your own collection.

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Put a record on. Do you have a record player gathering dust? Pull out that puppy! Playing great old-fashioned vinyl is guaranteed to get people speaking. You’re certain to end up with a crowd round the record player, talking music and checking out your records.

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Have a drink in the kitchen. It’s casual, and you will have easy access to snacks — what more could you ask for? Make it feel specific by bringing in a couple of small bud vases with flowers and lowering the lights.

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Host friends outside. If you reside in a temperate climate, take advantage of yearlong decent weather by inviting friends out to the patio or deck for a drink and snack. One of the quickest yet most striking changes you can make to your outdoor area is to include something which feels veryindoors. Consider a fluffy rug, cushions out of the living area or your coffee table. Oh, and there is no need to make yourself perspiration — enlist the support of the first friends to arrive, and they will immediately feel a part of things. Win-win!

Things to stock: a couple of top-shelf bottles and mixers are generally better than a massive pub full of everything under the sun. And if you want wine or beer, don’t feel you need to offer hard booze whatsoever — stock up on a case of your favorite vintage and make it your “house” wine or brew instead.

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Go with the flow … and stay safe. In the event you and your guests are having a great time, try to be flexible — ask what folks feel like getting and order something in for supper. This can also be a good sign for friends who could be getting a little too tipsy that it is time to wind things down.Unless you’re inviting your walking-distance neighbors, make sure that your guests have a plan to make it home safely after cocktail hour. Offer to call cabs or designate a driver to shuttle folks home.

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