On Trend: 10 Hammers That Nail Great Design

Whatever project I’m working on, I’ve found I like it and am more likely to complete the tedious steps within that endeavor — if the tools I use work nicely and are pleasing to look at. There’s something about a quality tool which makes everything feel better and go more smoothly — including the attitude!

Projects for all these hammers run the gamut from heavy-duty demolition to lightweight image hanging, but all of these include features which make them better than your average tool. Take your pick and then add these to your present lists also — functional gifts are always appreciated.


Upcycled Skateboard Sledgehammer – $35

A gorgeous upcycled handle makes this hammer extra special. I really like that it is produced from a skateboard deck!

Alice Supply Co..

12-Inch, 12-Ounce Hammer With 20 Nails – $26

A conventional hammer using a mod upgrade, this is perfect for simple projects around the house that need a little flair.

The Container Store

The Supreme Hammer Tool – $15.99

Maintain this multifunctional tool at the nerve center of your house — alongside tape, Super Glue and those other essentials that help you solve everyday issues.


The Original Gunstock Hammer – $79

Hardcore Hammers have a textured traction surface, which prevents it from striking anything but the nail. See the entire range on the organization’s website.


Bash Sledgehammer – $120

Willing to do some significant remodeling? Bash outside the demolition stage with this particular sledgehammer.

Schoolhouse Electric

Hammer Screwdriver Combination Tool – $20

The perfect home office tool, this metallic hammer has screwdrivers from the handle — prepared to handle those miscellaneous gadgets which require your help.


Estwing Hammers Asian-Pattern Hammer With Nylon Grip – $42

This hammer includes a narrower and slimmer head, which resembles a dream to work with.


Nextec Hammerhead – $100

Always trying to hammer into impossibly tight spaces? Try out this auto hammer, which has multiple places along with a thinner profile.

Home Wet Bar

Friday Afternoon Hammer Bottle Opener – $10.95

Do you find that house improvement projects are often followed by happy hour? This completely functional hammer is also a bottle opener, for postproject refreshment.


Estwing E16S 16-Ounce Straight Claw Leather Handle Hammer – $28.66

This timeless hammer is available in various weights, but its beautiful all-metal heart and leather-wrapped handle are what make it worth buying.

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