Idea of the Week: Sailing Hardware at the House

The draw of life on the coast is at its summit in the hot summer, as soon as a dip into trendy blue waters is on everybody’s minds. It’s the season of impromptu escapes into the shore and weekends spent at the lake — preferably on a ship with the wind whipping through your hair.

I will confess I couldn’t tell you the distinction between starboard and port side, but that does not mean I don’t appreciate a sign of nautical flair. Adding some boat-inspired hardware into a home is a simple and inexpensive means to mention the salty odor of beachfront atmosphere along with memories of summer days spent on the water. And it’s more unexpected (and far less heavy-handed) than a space swathed in nautical flags, anchor themes and the like.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

I wouldn’t recommend the buoy or life saver if you live over a mile from the sea for fear of coming off too theme-y. But a skillet or two hanging from these handy cleats would look absolutely at home in even the very land-locked locale.

Pottery Barn

Nautical Cleat Hook – $12

Pottery Barn sells a model made specifically for use inside the house. Paired with map-like background, it makes for a fun yet tasteful nautical motif.

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