Husqvarna Vs. Ariens Lawn Tractor

If you’ve got a huge lawn or will need to work both lawn and a garden, lawn tractors are stronger and more flexible than normal riding mowers. Lawn tractors normally have larger motors and mowing widths than riding lawn mowers, but the real advantage to using a lawn tractor is its own power. Unlike riding mowers, lawn tractors make it possible for homeowners to utilize ground engaging equipment like cultivators, disc harrows, and big capacity sprayers and spreaders. Tractors can pull loaded dump carts which could have riding mowers rearing like an angry horse. Modern tractors are faster, nimbler, more fuel efficient and with lower pollution emissions compared to older models. As of ancient 2014, Husqvarna offered 19 lawn tractor models while Ariens had five models.

A Herd of Horses

Based on the model, Ariens lawn tractor models offer 17 to 25 horsepower, and Husqvarna tractors offer 17.5 to 27 horsepower. All of Ariens lawn tractors feature engines. 936065 and models 936064 have single-cylinder Kohler Courage engines. 93068 and Versions 93066, 93067 have Courage engines that are 2-cylinder. Husqvarna tractor motors might be manufactured by Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki or Kohler and may attain forward rates of 5.2 to 7.8 miles, based on the model. Ariens tractors have a top forward rate of 5.5 mph and a top rated reverse rate of 2.5 mph. Based on the model, Husqvarna tractors may reverse at rates from 2.1 to 2.9 mph.

Hit the Deck

Steel mowing decks are durable and resist cracks, dents and breaks from rocks and other things you may accidentally run over while mowing. Ariens and husqvarna lawn tractors have stamped steel decks. Husqvarna tractors offer either 6 or 7 mowing positions. Ariens model 936064 has 6 mowing positions, but the other four models have 10 position options. Both manufacturers have modification levers. Husqvarna’s single-blade model SRD17530 has a modest, 30-inch cutting width, whilst model GT54LS, which has three blades, cuts a 54-inch width. Ariens models 936064 and 936065 include the newest smallest cutting widths in 42 inches. Model 936068 cuts a 54-inch swath.

Accessorize for Versatility

Ariens supplies a wide range of accessories for the lawn tractors, from sun shades to mulching and bagging kits. You are able to add a sleeve hitch, scrapers, dozer blades, aerators, cultivators, spreaders, sprayers, dump carts and dethatchers. Husqvarna offers the very same accessories as Ariens, plus spreaders, bumpers, brush guards, lawn sweepers and an electric assist which works with all the sleeve hitch to raise and lower accessory equipment.

Decisions, Decisions

Consider and compare essential features, convenience and safety prior to buying a lawn tractor. Most newer models come with cup holders and the two manufacturers offer tractors with cruise control. Sunshades shield your skin and keep you warmer under the hot summer sun but have to be purchased separately. Check for safety features like a switch for mowing in reverse and an operator existence safety that stops the blades when the operator gets off the tractor. Higher seat backs offer relaxation and stability. Automatic transmissions are simpler to operate. Both manufacturers have headlights and step-through convenience for mounting and dismounting from both sides. Hour meters help keep the maintenance schedule on track whilst battery power meters allow you to avoid becoming stranded with a dead battery.

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