How to Fix a Curtain Rod

Curtain poles and their affiliated mounts are amazingly delicate for as hard as some people pull their curtains. This can lead to the curtain rod and mount being pulled right from the wall, damaging the drywall from the procedure. There is a simple way to correct a curtain rod whose mount has been yanked out of the wall, all without needing to patch the masonry or put in supporting framing behind the slightly-damaged drywall.

Eliminate the curtain rod from the rod mounts. Harness the curtain poles mounts using a hammer on a hard, flat surface to straighten the mounts. Straighten any bends from the curtain rod by bending it back into place using a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Find the damaged drywall at which the curtain poles were mounted. Insert a 3/16-inch drill bit to a power drill, and drill a hole through the ground on very top and bottom hole locations where the curtain rod mount was formerly attached to the drywall.

Tap a small plastic anchor into each hole in the drywall with a hammer.

Position the curtain mount above the two anchors and insert a matching screw through the bottom and top holes of the mount into the anchors. Tighten the screws to fasten the mount into the drywall with a screwdriver.

Duplicate with the curtain rod mount on the other side of the window, or in the center if a center rod mount was in damaged and place also.

Center the curtain onto the curtain rod and then attach the ends — and center mount, if required — into the curtain rod mounts by sliding the upper pin of each mount in the hole on the top of the curtain rod end. Slide the rod down onto the pins and then settle the foundation of the curtain rod above the mounts.

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