How to Clean Your House Fast

There are certain moments in your life when you’re required to clean your home in record time, and this might leave you feeling incredibly overwhelmed at the thought of it all. It might be the arrival of unexpected guests or just an inclination to power through all the chores you’ve been putting off to give yourself a peace of mind.

Whatever the cause, speed office cleaning Birmingham is an important skill for any homemaker, and we have great tips on how to clean your entire house in just an hour or less!

Start at the Top

The top-down technique means that you start by cleaning your ceiling fans and curtain rails before moving down to furniture and then floors so that the dust moves down instead of up. Using this efficient method will save you lots of time and energy while keeping your house clean for longer.

Time Yourself


Spend only six minutes cleaning each of the bedrooms, and start by remaking the beds first before you move onto tidying up to clear up all the clutter. If you can’t organize some of the items immediately, then toss them into a dedicated basket for sorting out later. Wipe and polish the furniture with a microfiber cloth and some furniture spray following the top-down approach again.


Make light work of the bathrooms and dedicate seven minutes to each. Start by tidying up the countertops and then spray them, along with the tubs, with the cleaning services Birmingham solution of your choice, leaving them to soak while you clean the toilet seat, inside and out. Then give the counters and tubs a good wipe down before moving on to the mirrors and floors.

Dining/Living Rooms

The dining and living rooms can be cleaned in seven minutes as well, and most of the time all you need to do is remove the clutter that tends to accumulate in these areas, and dust the surfaces, top-down, before quickly vacuuming the upholstery and floors.


In just 12 minutes, you can have your kitchen ready to entertain your guests. How? Start by placing all the dirty dishes and burner pieces into the dishwashing machine. Remove clutter from the countertops and wipe them down with a damp sponge that has been submerged in warm foamy water. Do the same for your appliances and cabinets as well. Repeat the wiping down process until the counters and cabinets are shiny clean, and then clean the floor.


You probably have different types of floor surfaces throughout your house, from tiling to carpets and laminate, and each needs a different cleaning Birmingham approach. For carpets, vacuum from the inner end of the room to the door to save time and prevent dirtying the carpet while cleaning. Use a steam cleaner for hardwood floors and use a separate attachment to clean other types of hard floor surfaces so that you’re able to maneuver around those pesky dust-mongering corners with speed and precision.