How to Clean a Leather Couch With Aniline Dye

The word”aniline” describing a leather couch refers to the dyeing method used to whiten the leather. Aniline dye is transparent and soaks into the leather, which means the leather does not have a protective coating. As a comparison, a secure or top-coated coloring is similar to a leather jacket and sealant atop the leather. Due to such differences, cleaning aniline leather furniture is a bit different than cleaning protected leather.

Remove cushions, if possible, and take them outside. Smack them brush them lightly with a feather duster to remove loose debris and dust. Simply take back the cushions indoors.

Remove dust and dirt out of the couch with a feather duster, cleaning the back of the couch as well. Vacuum the area where cushions belong, should they have been removed. Vacuum involving cushions with a crevice tool if cushions are affixed to the couch. Vacuum the entire sofa, if dusty, with an upholstery brush attachment.

Brush one area of the couch gently with a soft-bristled brush. Spray aniline leather cleaner lightly over the brushed region, allowing it to sit down for a minute or 2. Brush over the same area again until the leather feels dry. Continue treating one area at a time until the couch is clean.

Spot-treat heavily soiled areas by spraying aniline leather cleaner directly onto those spots, then blotting the stain away with a soft, dye-free fabric. Any colorants are free from dyes prevented by A fabric out of transfering on the leather.

Apply aniline leather conditioner to the the couch, 1 area at one time, by spraying it lightly over the surface. Brush the leather with a soft-bristled brush. The conditioner helps to protect the leather from drying out, keeping it tender.

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