Can I Make a Couch With Two Twin Mattresses?

A pair of double mattresses transforms into a sofa when you put them on platform bed bases and then arrange them to look like a sectional or a custom, extra-long sofa. Strategically positioning short tables and cushions masks the fact that you’re actually dealing with 2 beds. And if guests come knocking at the door, then you’ve got two guest beds ready to go, both of which are far more comfy than the average pull-out sofa.

Snag Platform Bases

The typical frame-plus-box spring-plus-mattress configuration is often too tall to function comfortably as a sofa. Forget the box spring and then purchase two matching platform bed bases to decrease the overall height of this setup. This retains the finished seating in a comfy 18 ins high, which closely matches the 19-inch seat height standard of couches. Look for styles that don’t have a headboard or foot board, and for extra storage, purchase beds with drawers or shelving built into the platform.

Configure a Sectional

A double size bed is 75 inches long, a little longer than the ordinary sofa. This makes two twin mattresses perfect for producing a sectional. For decent back support, position the mattresses in an L-shape with the long side of each bed against a wall. Preserve the corner open in case you’ve got built-in storage at the platform bases, or push the head of a single bed into a corner and place the head of this second bed perpendicular to the original. Needless to say, you can attain a sleek, backless couch by floating either of these configurations at the center of a room.

Create a Super-Long Sofa

Head to foot, two double size mattresses create one 150-inch long couch. In case you’ve got a super-large space or maybe a narrow area with a long wall, this look is feasible. But it can help to break up the configuration by setting a low-profile side table between both mattresses or employing every single bed as a standalone couch rather than butting them up against each other.

Insert Your Finishing Touches

Cover the mattresses with ultra-thick fitted sheets; flannel or high-thread-count cotton function nicely. Use sheet straps to keep the sheets tight. Rank low tables the exact same height or simply a couple of inches taller than the mattresses on the ends and at the corner, if applicable, to create armrests and a frame around the new couch. If either bed is against a wall, then distribute pillows across the rear so others and you can lean back and relax. Major floor pillows work well as the primary back pillows and appear best if you slightly overlap them. For floating settings, rolled pillows stacked in the head and foot of every bed, i.e., the hardened armrests, add some cushioning.

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