10 Ways to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

These days, a proper LA Jolla painters project can set you back anything from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on how extensive the renovation is. However, there are ways to significantly reduce this amount and we’ve got just the tips you need to do that.

Have a Plan

For more extensive LA Jolla painters projects that involve more than just adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing the wall tiles, it’s very important that you get a professional designer to help you plan the project thoroughly and avoid making costly mistakes.  

Be Prepared

Prior to breaking ground on the renovation, use a checklist to make sure that all the items you’ll be using to complete the project have been purchased and are available to use.

Update Kitchen Cabinets

Purchasing new cabinets can make a serious dent in your budget and is an unnecessary expense if your old cabinets are still in good condition. Rather paint them with semi-gloss paint in a bright white or similar shade and they’ll look just like new.

Replace the Doors

For worn out cabinets that cannot be rescued with a fresh coat of paint, consider updating them with new doors. Just be sure to have the doors custom made by measuring the cabinets beforehand and choose a nice design that you like.

Light It Up

Improve the lighting in your kitchen by opting for a combination of light fixtures instead of depending on one source of light. Elegant pendants can be a definite style statement, while overhead lighting will provide better exposure for the main working areas. Under-cabinet and pantry lighting is also essential because it adds to the ambiance and comfort of being in the kitchen.

Don’t Move Plumbing

A kitchen remodeling project is not complete without considering the plumbing. To save money, use the existing plumbing and electrical layout when planning the placement of appliances and equipment.

Use Remnant Stone

Why shell out big bucks for genuine granite or marble countertops when you can get a perfectly functional and equally stylish remnant at a supply yard for a fraction of the price? Spend smart on your LA Jolla painting project and you’ll have money left for high-end appliances.

Use What You Paid For

Instead of throwing away leftovers or remnants from countertops, wooden cabinets and moldings, use them to create unique, one-of-a-kind kitchen accessories like rollout insets or high-quality granite cutting boards. Doing this will ensure that you use up to 95% of the material that you have purchased, thus getting more bang for your buck.

Add Architectural Details

There are many different ways that you can use to create interest in your kitchen without spending too much. For example, you can update your island with beadboard paneling or go for rustic stacked stone instead of mosaic tile as a central point of interest for the island.

Spend Less on Floors

Instead of replacing your old wooden floors, just give them a new finish and they’ll be like new. If you’re planning on replacing your tiles or vinyl floors, then opt for a cost-effective option such as sealed cork, which is easier to walk on and good for your back and feet as well.